Kuch Kuch Locha Hai Review: Greatest Bizarre Ever

By | May 9, 2015

Kuch Kuch Locha Hai Movie Review

Cast: Sunny Leone, Ram Kapoor, Evelyn Sharma, Navdeep Chhabra, Suchita Trivedi

Director: Devang Dholakia

Synopsis: A 40-years-old married businessman lives in Malaysia, who dislikes his wife for her ‘Bhajans’ and other traditional songs. He finds a Bollywood actress gorgeous and hot. He meets her as a lucky contest winner in Malaysia itself. The two find each other suitable and ride on the love track ephemerally until the wife gets to know all this ‘Locha’ (affair).

This review will be a little different. Let us first start with what you would POSSIBLY love about this so-called drama-comedy. I have only two words.

Sunny Leone – If you are a fanatic fan of Sunny Leone’s movies. Only then I could imagine you spending efforts to watch the movie.

Forget what you have heard from the mouths of actors at promotional events. This is a complete anomaly. It would not be the same as the film crew has described it earlier.

Everything in the movie Kuch Kuch Locha Hai is predictable. You could expect what is going to happen next from the beginning of the movie to its end. The screenplay is tightly written, it has too many loo-breaks, and audience will be able to identify its profoundly unconvincing next (coming to the next) parts easily.

sunny leone

Sunny Leone promoting Kuch Kuch Locha Hai

The story goes something like this. A Gujarati businessman, 40-years-old is not having a great time at all with her wife. He is annoyed by her ritual activities, especially songs. They shared a great time together in the starting days, but things are changing now, they have a boy named Jigar. Now that boy is his father himself, he loves a neighbor girl named Naina. Jigar only has two motives – first is to become a Rockstar and second is to marry Naina.

The businessman role is played by Ram Kapoor, wife by Suchita Trivedi, boy by Navdeep Chabbra and love interest of boy’s played by Evelyn Sharma. Where is the Sunny Leone? She is the Bollywood actress who comes to Malaysia to meet the contest prize winner who co-incidentally is the Ram Kapoor, and plays his love interest role.

The first challenge for Ram Kapoor is to get his wife out of Malaysia, so he says to the wife that her mother has been dying due to illness and she should go and visit her family in India. The wife trusts him and ask the husband to come, but he clearly denies with the excuse that he has work left here.

The ‘Locha‘ beings after that. I do not want to spoil your excitement you have for the movie. But the core part initiates when the wife has been sent to India. The son (Naveen) becomes the father and Naina becomes the mother of Ram Kapoor.

This is called as drama, comedy by the director and producer. Believe me, there is nothing like that, rather you will receive uncooked dialogues being served to you in the name of comedy. The comedy and double meaning lines are too old and of no use (especially to youngsters who have played with them a long ago.)

As mentioned earlier in the starting the core or x-fact of the movie. If you decide to go for the Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, then shift your main focus to Sunny Leone. Erase what you have been told about the movie on TV, Reality Shows, etc. It does not worth a dime. The run-time will get you tears in eyes. The unrealistic conditions are portrayed in every second or third scene. It’s a boredom.

The songs have grabbed eyeballs from the B-Town & Sunny Leone lovers. Some of them are fabulous, some even decreases the watching experience exponentially.

Daaru Peeke Dance - Kuch Kuch Locha Hai - Sunny Leone

Daaru Peeke Dance – Kuch Kuch Locha Hai – Sunny Leone

I would rate it 1 out 5 stars on the scale because of its weak screenplay, outdated dialogues and third-rate comic delivery. Ram Kappor a.k.a a fine actor, disappointed fans with his incredibly distasteful and senseless Gujarati businessman role. Sunny, as you know, she has never managed to woo audience with her acting skills yet. But she says it all through her flawless body, which is what she is famous for.

I only recommend it to those who are seeking for Sunny Leone and do not mind their time. Do not plan it as a weekend’s relief, you would rather be filled with more stress and feel hyped. I’d suggest those to watch Piku – A simplified melodrama concept.


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