LG G Flex 2: Now Available In India at Rs 54,990

By | May 1, 2015

New Delhi: The smartphone company LG had announced a new member in the G Flex family a month ago. Now, the company has begun its sale in India. The new flagship model LG G Flex 2 is available in India at the price of Rs 54,990 with 2 colors option – Platinum Silver and Flamenco Red. It will be sold in LG Stores and dealer’s shop onwards 1st week of May.

The company commits that the phone is faster, better and advanced from its previous flagship with enhanced design, more rapid performance and user experience.

The new innovative G Flex 2 features a considerably bent (or curved) screen, since the name indicates; it’s version 2. LG states that a slightly curved screen helps the phone becomes a bit more handy and also to ease the reading. It is smaller than its predecessor in form factor (but a feature packed), reversing the craze for even bigger smartphones.

LG G Flex 2 Screen

LG G Flex 2 Screenfl

The company’s director and CEO Koo Bon-Moo said, “We have received issues about G Flex’s big 6-inch screen by its consumers. Its successor has a 5.5 inch display which wouldn’t bother them anymore. It is considered as the “sweet spot” by users. We expect that people will love it.”

They have also gotten grievances about the scratch marks on its back. LG’s came up with a better and durable ‘Scratch-Proof’ back cover which can accommodate minor scratches and nicks itself with its advanced self-healing components. However, the screen still cannot remove scratches itself, but the company has said to have improved the Corning Gorilla Glass protection by using some of their experimented chemicals (some added chemical layers of security).

This feature phone sports a 1080p High Definition display, better and sharper than its predecessor. Considering its price, you may regret why LG’s added it. LG G3 leads all the way up in screen quality from G Flex 2.

You get some extra added features to increase user experience, as we mentioned earlier. Like you can take selfies, check the time, notifications, changing songs, etc. without turning the screen on.

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