Maga Maharaju First Day Collection Endendigu 1st Friday Box Office Report

By | Feb 28, 2015

Here we have Maga Maharaju First Day Collection Endendigu 1st Friday Box Office Report. As two movies released on 27th February 2015. So, we are here to discuss about them only – reivew and collections.

The movie Maga Maharaju is directed by C.Sunder who have signed Vishal, Hansika Motwani and Prabhu in the film with the producers Khushboo Sunder, Vishal and the director himself in the production house Vishal Fiml Factory.

The movie has got a great participation by the director as he is the one who did the story line too. Its music is given by Hiphop Tamizha. The dialogues are written by Radhakrishnana with the screenplay by S.B.Ramadas and cinematography by Gopi Amarnath. The editing is done by N.B.Srikanth. It is distributed by Avni Cinemax and it is being dubbed in the Telugu Language. The movie has released on 27th February 2015 and the film running time is 146 Minutes with a total budget of 20 Crore.

Maga Maharaju First Day Collection

It had hit the screens overseas and in the country across. It is the remake of the movie Vishal which was a huge hit made in Kollywood Film Industry. The director is the one who have tried to make movies for both class and mass audience for his movies.

The film which was titled as Ambala has to hit the screens on 15th January 2015 that is with the movie Ai which gave enough competition to it. As expected, it is with a good business up with nice and good performances in the movie.

Maga Maharaju First Day Collection Endendigu 1st Friday Box Office Report

Maga Maharaju First Day Collection Endendigu 1st Friday Box Office collection Report

The leads have done a great job with the actors in the supporting role adding stars to the reviews of the movie. It had hit Andhra Pradesh too and is expected to do well Box Office Collection from that region also. Even the dubbing version is getting appreciation. The movie has collected 2-3 Crore as Maga Maharaju 1st day collection itself.

So, it will be a hit if this continues. It has got 2.25 star ratings out of 5. Also, locations are good for the songs shoot. The director played well with the mixture of comedy, romance, drama and action too.

The points that are remarkable in the film are the performances of the stars and the Direction is also good with the perfect couple in leads but the points that can degrade it are the old storyline with a mid music and screenplay too.

Endendigu 1st Friday Box Office Collection

Another movie Endendigu is directed by Imran Sardhariya with the stars cast Srinagar Kitty and Ramya in the main lead roles.

The film is produced by S.V.Babu in the production house of his own named ass SV Productions. The music director of the movie is V.Harikrishna with the editing part done by Deepu S.Kumar in Kannada language. The camera is rolled by Venkatesh Anguraj. The film is released on 27th January.

Its love story is the love entertainer which is beautifully woven. The visuals are very good in the review. The music is too good who has composed nice music for this movie with good response to the music. The reviews have been positive. The movie reviews are positive and even the trailers has also got the good watch which was actually out in the month of October 2014. The movie did a quiet good opening as it has opened in a huge number of screens.

The movies have also released today only and they have done a great job in the Endendigu opening day collection only. They have done a great job in their own languages. One was good in music while other was not.

This is all about Maga Maharaju first day collection Endendigu 1st Friday box office collection report. Get latest updates regarding the BOC of these films regularly.

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