My son doesn’t have problems with my Item Songs: Malaika Arora Khan

By | Apr 20, 2015

Mumbai: The actress who can bring energy and reasons to watch even a bad movie with her curvy movies in figures item songs. Have you wondered, what does her family think about her item songs? A reporter, with the same curiousness, asked Malaika and her answer was shocking. She said in clear words that her son does not get affected by my work.

Malaika is a mother of a son – Arhan who is not too young. When asked what does he think about her work as an Item girl, she said, “It does not matter anything to him. He is still very young and innocent. If he likes the song, then he admits and admires my work, that’s it. He loves what I do.”

Malaika Arora Khan with son

Malaika Arora Khan with son

The 39-years-old actress stated, “In my views, songs are an essential part of a successful movie. I love to be a part of that kinda songs. It matters more on the fact, before my answer to work or not, that how the song music video will be shot, how will it be represented to the respected viewers. I love dancing and I love item songs. Whenever I get a chance to star as an Item girl, good, I say yes every time because I love living and doing it.”

Even item songs could be seen by wrong manners in Bollywood Film Industry, but Malaika believes it can’t be done by any actress, it requires skills and naughtiness, good body figure etc. Thus, she would love to give the title of SPECIAL SONGS to Item Songs.

She said, “I never see these kinda songs from an average viewer perspective. Unfortunately, people have made it an outrageous things in their daily lives. I would give it a special title. I hate ‘Item Song’ word.”

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