Masarat Alam and Geelani Organized & Raised Anti-India Rally, Slogans, Hoisted Pakistani Flag

By | Apr 16, 2015

Jammu & Kashmir: The zealot separatist leader Masarat Alam who has been free recently, had organized an anti-India rally. Not only this, he used slogans against India as well as waved Pakistan flag there itself. This rally was carried to support Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Geelani. This incident took place in Srinagar on Wednesday.

Masarat Alam was released from jail last month only. After that, he made a trip to the house of the hardline Hurriyat leader, Geelani, with his supporters.

The TV footage reveals that Alam, 47 is being shown as the heir of Geelani. It also showed some men carrying Pakistani flags and shouting anti-India slogans to get independence.

After this incident, an FIR has been lodged against both of them and their supporters. The list also includes the names of Bashir Ahmad Bhat aka Peer Saifullah and some other famous names too. This FIR was registered against the anti-India activities held in Srinagar. It was filed under the law of UAPA and RPC.

Some part of the crowd organized by Geelani tried and thrown stones on CRPF vehicles. But, police personnels tried to protect common men’s lives by using their required powers.

Masart Alam and Syed Ali Geelani during Anti-India rally

Masart Alam and Syed Ali Geelani during the Anti-India rally

Geelani gave reference to the incident when RSS plotted the same in the Kashmir valley against it. He said that the situation was almost same. Their supporters too shouted for the pro-Islamabad slogans and raised the Pakistani flag.

He also mentioned that the plan of central government regarding the composite township for displaced Kashmiri Pandits is not acceptable to him. As a matter of fact, his speech was telecast in Muzaffarabad as well as in Islamabad. Muzaffarabad is the name of the region of Kashmir currently occupied by Pakistan.

The 84 year old leader said to his supporters that, “It is a critical fact that persons who are responsible for the deaths of Muslims are being selected as Prime Minister and ministers in New Delhi.”

When Geelani came back from Delhi, instead of house arresting, officials allowed his supporters to escort him to his house. Authorities broke their past practice this time.

While escorting him back to his home, Masarat Alam shouted many slogans to support Geelani’s return.

The release of Alam created feud between the two alliance parties – PDP and BJP.

Geelani also quoted that, “The new government is intended to strengthen the status of Muslims in J&K. We will continue fighting for the illegal operations being carried. Our struggle will continue until the resolutions of the UN are implemented fully.”

Two days ago, one person from the Hizbul Mujahideen died during an army operation. So, he took the matter very much seriously and called for a protest against the same in Tral, J&K.

CM of Jammu and Kashmir, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed called this incident as an unfortunate one and asked the army to get more cautious for future actions.

Also, Geelani stated: “We will make sure to get you to understood what RSS has plans for Kashmir including Pandit townships which we can’t accept at all.”

Additionally, he added, “We have no problem if the government is paying them Rs. 30 lakhs instead of Rs. 20 lakh per head, but displaced Pandits should make their return to their old places only.

Watch: Separatist leader Masarat Alam during the rally

BJP: Action taken against Masarat Alam

The Bharatiya Janta Party has strictly informed its allies PDP to take strict action immediately, failing to which lead to some critical outcomes.

GVL Narasimha Rao, the spokesperson from BJP said: “This action of Alam and Geelani can’t be accepted at any cost. We are demanding PDP to take immediate and strict action against both of them who were involved in this procession. No leniency will be accepted.

He further added: “If PDP failed to take action on this timely then, it will be responsible for the results to come.”

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