MCA Lifted Shahrukh Khan’s Ban From Entering in Wankhede Stadium

By | Aug 2, 2015

Shahrukh Khan, the king of B-Town and the co-owner of IPL Team Kolkata Knight Riders can now enter in the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Shahrukh Khan, whose entry was banned in the Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium has been lifted by the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA). MCA took this decision on Sunday, 2nd August, 2015.

“Today, in the MCA meeting, we decided that the ban which was imposed on KKR’s owner Shah Rukh Khan shoulD be lifted. With the approval of our president ‘Sharad Pawar’, it was proposed to lift the ban and the managing committee approved it unanimously.” Vice-President, Ashish Shelar told.

Shahrukh Khan was banned from entering the Wankhede after a fracas back in May 2012.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan’s Ban Lifted by MCA

In IPL season 5, after a league match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders, Shahrukh had altercation with security guards of the stadium and the MCA officials and thus later was banned to enter in the stadium for 5 years.

The association member who administer the ground, alleged SRK tried to force his way on the ground after the match and abused and manhandled guards after he was stopped.

However, in a press interview, Shahrukh explained that his children were “physically mishandled in the name of security” by guards, which made him really angry.

SRK didn’t atteneded the match but came to pick up his children and their friends.

The MCA officials decided to impose a ban on Shah Rukh’s entry in Wankhede Stadium two days after the incident took place.

Moreover, during the Final of IPL 2014, MCA was ready to lift the ban on the super star for one day to bring back the final match between Kings XI Punjab & Kolkata Knight Riders back to Mumbai from Bangalore.

The final match was scheduled to take place in Mumbai, the home ground for the 2013 IPL champions; Mumbai Indians. But the match was shifted to Bangalore in a surprise decision by the BCCI.

The final match was won by Shahrukh’s team and became IPL champions for second time. They have won the IPL tournament twice, once in 2012 and other in 2014.

It will be interesting to see how SRK will take this decision and weather will move into Wankhede Stadium or not in the coming days.

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