Mika Singh Slapped A Doctor In Delhi Live Concert, Case Filed

By | Apr 13, 2015

New Delhi: The popular Bollywood singer ‘Mika Singh‘ is again revolved in a controversy. While performing at a function on late 11th April 2015 night, he slapped a doctor on the stage. A case has been filed against the singer.

The matter was that Mika said to the doctor to show his middle finger towards the audience, but he neglected. On this act of the doctor, Mika slapped the doctor. The reason is right (check below) but he should not have slapped the guy.


Mika Singh Slapped A Doctor In Delhi Live Concert, Case Filed

Mika Singh Slapped A Doctor In Delhi Live Concert, Case Filed

However, the doctor tried to hit Mika Singh in return, but the bouncers dragged him off the stage. The singer later clarified to those present audiences that they should respect women and girls.

It is alleged that the doctor, slapped by Mika, was pointing dirty moves and middle finger from the crowd towards the stage performer, which was Mika Singh.

The name of the victim is Shrikanth, who works in Amedkar Hospital as an ophthalmologist. He is said to be hurt in an internal ear by the slap. The incident took place in Optholomojil Society, Indrapuri, Pusa, Delhi, where a three-day function was being organized for a joint celebration.

The whole event was organized by Delhi’s Apthamaljikl Society residents. Society president Rajendra Khanna told ABP News that Mika has done a wrong act and he is lodged a cast against the singer in Indrapuri Station.

The society president further said that the singer gone mad that, which is what should be condemned, he has attacked a decent citizen.

A police official said, ‘Mika Singh, during her presentation to the audience, asked a few people from the crowd to come on the stage. Due to this call of Mika, a doctor poked him wrongly, and Singh asked him to come ahead, and slapped him on the face and then handed him to his bouncers. ‘

Immediately after the incident, the victim’s colleagues started doing rampage at the venue scene, but police quickly intervened and promised to take action against Mika Singh. An FIR has been registered against the singer today.

This was such a violent actor for entire society and community, the three day event was organized to enjoy and entertain the residents. It happened on the 2nd day, and every member of society is disturbed.

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