Modi in Mann ki baat on 27 January 2015 Highlights

By | Jan 28, 2015

It was great to have Barack Obama with us as the Republic Day Chief Guest. Also, there were some major deals and talks that were continued and whose solutions have been taken from discussions that are good for the nation. So, it was on the Wednesday. 27th January that we got the Prime Minister of India and President of US together on the radio to talk to us at 8 p.m at the night. He was there on the radio as our country is actually a developing country and still in some areas, radios are the only way they can hear the news and reach the untouched and distant world. Narendra Modi wanted to have his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with the common man of the country to tell everyone about its next steps and his views on the related issues that are important for the nation in all the ways. It was a joint radio address by the two most famous political leaders across the globe. They did not discuss anything political. Also, they did not talk of any foreign affair on the radio show. They talked about personal and about themselves with the social issues that are more important to the society , the country and they themselves.

They stressed on the topics like issues like girl child and public health. They shared their own thoughts and experiences on the radio. Experiences of both the leaders mattered a lot because both of them have started from the very bottom and have humble backgrounds. They did touch the sensitive topics and wanted the country men to get serious about the thoughts like this. The radio show was of thirty five minutes. The program was recorded yesterday. Also, the show had received some questions from across the country which Modi read. He and Obama then answered to those questions. It was seen that most of the questions were based on politics, foreign policy and economic policy. Some questions were heart touching and after listening to them, we felt that we have actually reached to each and every part of our country. It is the common man who is needed to be heard.

Obama on the other hand said ‘Namaste’ to all the listeners first and then talked about how he want to help India from the poverty. Also, how he want to uplift the position of India and develop the country by helping it in for the issues like development of infrastructure and in provision of facilities like clean energy and electricity. When he was asked that will he work after his presidency too, just like Bill Gates and his wife, then he said that he is trying to partner with organizations like that and also, he wants to work for issues related to obesity and other issues too. His wife Miscelle is doing a lot in this field and he is proud of it. Talking on the topic of save the girl child, Modi said there is a lot of worry because of the sex ratio in India as for every 1000 boys, the number of girls is less. Modi, on the question about his meeting Obama, said – “At that time, I had never thought that sometime in my life, I would get a chance to visit the White House”. Obama added – ” The same is true for me. When I first went to the White House, I stood outside that same fence, and looked in, and I certainly did not imagine that I would ever be visiting there, much less living there. In this context, I think both of us have been blessed with an extraordinary opportunity, coming from relatively humble beginnings”. When Obama was asked about his children on his visit to Indai, he said,”They are fascinated by the culture, and the history of India, in part because of my influence I think, they are deeply moved by Indias movement to Independence, and the role that Gandhi played, in not only the non-violent strategies here in India, but how those ended up influencing the non-violent Civil Rights Movement in the United States. So when I go back I am going to tell them that India is as magnificent as they imagined. And I am quite sure that they are going to insist that I bring them back the next time I visit. It may not be during my Presidency, but afterwards they will definitely want to come and visit”.

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