Spot the difference: Modi’s NITI Aayog looks a lot like UPA’s Planning Commission

By | Jan 3, 2015

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had thought of setting up a NITI Aayog. The reports of news Channels have said that Modi have replaced the Planning Commission panel and replaced it with the #NITIAayog. Besides from the fact that Modi had promised India’s people that ‘Ache Din Ab Aane Wale hain’, he is working on his promises whose results will be seen later on.

In this case when the people should have some patience and faith in the prime minister, they are unable to understand that if he is working and doing something good or not. If the people of the country will not work for the country then who else will do that?

NITI Aayog

Well the opinion is that Modi should not overlook resistances from the opposition party. And so he has a team working on it. So, he had set up a NITI Ayog with it. It will be replacing the PlanningCommission soon and thus is a result of “extensive consultations”. It will be held with state governments, niche masters and other important establishments.

Modi's NITI Aayog vs UPA's Planning Commission

Why NITI Aayog? – It’s importance

The planning commission that was made by Jawaharlal Nehru is being criticized and will be replaced by this Aayog soon. Also, this Aayog will be taking care of the development and economy issues related with the government and the country.

NITI Aayog Objective

The main objective of this committee is to “to provide a critical directional and strategic input into the development process”. It ends with “slow and tardy implementation of policy, by fostering better Inter-Ministry coordination and better Centre-State coordination”,.

It will monitor the implementation of the programme. It is to change India for a better way. It is a two way relationship between Central and State government. It is basically made to discuss the economic and developmental issues between the two.

NITI stands for National Institution for Transforming India.

A press release said- “The centre-to-state one-way flow of policy, that was the hallmark of the Planning Commission era, is now sought to be replaced by a genuine and continuing partnership of states,”.

NITI Aayog vs Planning Commission : Constitution

The NITI Ayog contains chief ministers and lieutenant governors as members in it. It is to be constituted by a vice-chairperson and a CEO with five full-time members in addition to two part-time members as well as four union ministers who will provide their services as ex-officio members. The Planning Commission had a Deputy Chairman and full-time members with a member secretary as a convener. So, this is another difference.

Objections against NITI Aayog

Other parties are criticizing the moves and says that the change is brought only to sow it up to the people. Congress is also criticizing for the same reason. An interview taken on CNBC-TV18, Kirit Parikh who is a former head of fuel decontrol panel said –

“While the structure of the Planning Commission as proposed in the new resolution of the Cabinet is almost similar to the earlier one, except that the Planning Commission was reporting to the National Development Council consisting of the state chief ministers and Lieutenant Governors of Indian territory. But now there is a governing council which consists of the state Chief Ministers and Lieutenant Governors,”.

NITI Aayog : What’s your say?

So, is it to change the past and have a break from the continuous same routine? Will it just change the name or will work on it too? All the press release says the same thing on the matter.

Let us see how the country people take it. Will it be useful or not? Will it make any difference? This can be seen in the coming time only.

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