Narendra Modi Suit Auction: The Indian PM’s Suit sold for Rs. 4.31 Crore!!!!

By | Feb 22, 2015

5 CRORE!!! Yes it took 5 Crore to get the suit of our country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The same that he wore on the day of Chai pe Charcha with US President Barack Obama.

Yes, that same suit is sold for a total sum 4.31 Crore. There was a three day process which was kept on for the auction of the suit wore by Modi. The auction ended on Friday giving the precious one to the rich owner.

Also, the Narendra Modi Suit Auction was held in Surat. Each and every day of this process did have only one thing and that is rise in price. But on the final third day, Laljibhai Patel made the final price for the suit.

Also, another bid of Rs.5 Crore had not been accepted after the deadline for the auction was met. The dress that is believed to kick up and bring the political storm in the country has finally sold.

Narendra Modi Suit Auction

Also, other 455 items were also kept with this suit of Modi. These items are those gifts that Narendra Modi had received from his various journeys and guests in his total journey of nine months as the Prime Minister of India.

It was kept to raise the funds of the Prime Minister for his ambitious and powerful plan of keeping Ganga clean. His Clean Ganga Mission will be profited by this auction that was kept on Friday. The auction was held at Science Convection Center. The articles were handed over to the highest bidder after the three day auction came to an end.


The Indian PM’s Suit sold for Rs. 4.31 Crore!!!!

Well, talking about the suit, Modi wore it on January 25 when he was in the Hyderabad House situated in Delhi. He was having his Summit talks with Obama which actually brought a major change to the Indian politics. He was photographed on the joint media conference and his talks with Obama as in meeting.

But when these photographs were inspected closely, they showed the stripes that were actually embodied on the fabric which is made in the vertical striped down from top.

Narendra Modi Suit Auction value up to Rs. 5 Crore

The suit started a national level debate too as the political parties thought to make an issue of it. This included the opponent parties AAP and Congress who criticized Modi for wearing so expensive suit which actually cost Rs. 10 Lakhs at that time. Also, on the day of auction, the Congress people went on a strike on the very say of auction and called the auction as the event of self publicity for Modi.

Surat city Congress president Desai even questioned people that their choice is not completing his promises and is conducting an auction for his own publicity and his own personal gains. How could be the politicians quiet now as they have got this big opportunity to speak up? Some politicians supported it by saying that it is so precious and important that it should be kept in the museum to show it importance in the future.

If we see the constitution then it may be noted that the rule is violated only when the gifts received by the PM in his official journeys cannot b kept by him and does not belong to his personal item. Also, the person who gifted him this suit is Bhikabhai who calls himself as a friend of Modi from four decades.

So, till now, no rule is violated. But the politicians never ever leave the opportunity for it too. Well, it is good that the fund is getting this good money. Soon, we can see Ganga clean and a happy smile on our faces too. Well, media is curious to know about how the reaction of Modi will be.

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