Mr. X Movie Review: Complete Flaw | Emraan Hashmi & Amyra Dastur

By | Apr 17, 2015

Mr. X (2015) Review

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Amyra Dastur and Arunoday Singh

Director: Vikran Bhatt

Synopsis: Raghu and Sia work at ATD. Both are their departments’ digilent officers. Raghu-Sia star loving each other and plan for the marriage, both take holidays from the duties. They are called in-between their ongoing marriage ceremony for a special assignement. Raghu and Sia are willing conscientious. They become victims of a vicious cycle in this assignment. Conditions made them stood by each other’s side. Now that the protagonist turns invisible and become ferocious to take revenge from lover and all the individuals hurt him.


Vikran Bhatt directed, starring Emraan Khan “Mr. X” is a 3D movie. Along with 3D, the film has a inventory concept of invisible man. Despite becoming a new power, the superhero does not refrain kissing his lover, just because it is Emraan Hashmi on the screen. Emraan’s films do not end without having a dozen of long kisses. Even after having a good layout of characters, Vikram fails to bring innovation to the content it should have, rather of the same old repeated story.

It is clear that the law cannot help them, to break the law, it is no problem. Instead of the clash, both enemies start kissing each other in the bathroom. These are expensive kisses.

Viewers can guess the whole story of the film. Everything is simple and predictable. Mahesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt have designed a pattern of their films. If ever there is a well-made movie accepted by the audience, they start making its franchise and sequels. But it could not be expected to “Mr. X”. It disappoints critics and users and it feels like that Emraan Hashmi’s era is steadily going away.

Mr. X Movie Review

Mr. X Long Poster

His character in the film is not even written properly. Amrya appears in the role of Sia and she fails to deliver quality, however, she had some good scenes in the movie. Arunoday Singh did not make his presence felt in viewers’ hearts. He still need to practice. The short appearance of Tiwari feels promising due to character’s foolishness.

Bhatt’s movies songs are popular because they have some kinda sense. This time the movie songs do not sound sweet. Popular Singer Ankit Tiwari also disappointed. He sang the same way, or the same is demanded from his every time? In both cases he should think about his career.

And of course, every character in the film calls Bharadwaj Bharadwaj Why? There are also errors of pronunciation. Mr Bhatt has voiced in the title song of the movie. It would be better to avoid such wondrous pressures.


Vikas Bhatt brings a new member in the Indian superhero family. This is yet again a comic-inspired film shoot around the concept of an invisible man. First let us solve a mystery – who would like to watch this movie? The serial kisser starrer in this flick, it is a superhero or comic-inspired movie and the plot looses to hold audience’s attention. If any parent agrees to allow their kids to watch intimate scenes, then it is fine. If you’d say that youngsters would watch it, ten you are true to some extent. Only time passers will watch it with their GFs. And do you really think, in this era of Spiderman, Avengers, Hulk etc. Mr. X will still get a place? Hell, no!

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