National Bank Of Serbia To Organize Exhibition From August 20

By | Aug 13, 2015

An exhibition is going to take place at the Gallery of National Bank of Serbia. The exhibition titled “Temples, Forts, and Palaces: 2000 Years of Indian Architecture” will be hosted by the Bank to celebrate the 69th Independence Day of India.

The 12-day event will be conducted by Embassy of India, Belgrade with the help of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), New Delhi.

The event will be inaugurated on 20th August at 9:00 am and continue till 31st August 2015 at the Gallery of the National Bank of Serbia, Slavija Square, Belgrade.

The exhibition is set to be organized to present the beauty, richness, and heritage of India from old-age to present times. It will also mark all the 68 years of Independence of India.

Previously used to be known as the “Golden Bird”, India has a history of 2500 years of magnificent culture and traditions. It has been a living example of unity with diversity whose spirit has been enhanced by numerous races and religions for decades. This nation has influenced others while and been influenced itself from time to time. The mixture of numerous traditions and cultures is the main highlight of this event.

The exhibition will display the complete history of India as per the timeline. The achievements in the prehistoric to present times, Islamic invasion, Europeans entry, etc. all will be enlightened in it. It will cover the advancements in the field of architecture, the influence of other religions, etc., which were the highlights of those respective eras.

Embassy of India in Belgrade has invited all to participate in the same.

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