Navratri Colours 2015: 9 Dress Colors To Wear Clothes on Different Days

By | Mar 23, 2015

Navratri Colours 2015: 9 Dress Colors To Wear on Different Days: The 9 day celebration of Navratri is mainly observed in North Indian States such as Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh along with Gujarat and Maharashtra.

In this article we are intense to share the list of Navratri Colors of 2015 : 9 Colors To Wear / clothes during Navaratri. Because of these 9 days celebration, it is known as Navratri, in which Nav means 9 and Ratri means Night.

You will get the brief description of the dress code below.

Navratri Colours 2015

  1. 21st March, 2015 – Red Colour – Pratipada / Shailputri Puja
  2. 22nd March, 2015 – Royal Blue Colour – Dwitiya / Brahmacharini Puja
  3. 23rd March, 2015 – Yellow Colour – Tritya / Chandraghanta Puja
  4. 24th March, 2015 – Green Colour – Chaturthi / Kushmanda Puja
  5. 25th March, 2015 – Grey Colour – Panchami / Skandamata Puja
  6. 26th March, 2015 – Orange Colour – Sashti / Katyayani Puja
  7. 27th March, 2015 – White Colour – Saptami / Kalratri Puja
  8. 28th March, 2015 – Pink Colour – Ashtami / Mahagauri Puja
  9. 29th March, 2015 – Sky Blue – Navami (Vijayadasami) / Siddhidharti Puja

Nine Days of Navratri 9 Colors To Wear – Navratri Colours 2015

Here is the brief description of 9 Navratri Colors 2015 to wear.

First Day: At the beginning of the festival the first goddess to worshiped with wearing of Red Colour Clothes. The Pratipada which is dedicated to Shailputri, The King Himalaya and Lord Shiva’s companion’s daughter.

Second Day: On this day, the navratri colour is Royal Blue. This day is dedicated for the goddess named Brahmacharini. As per the ancient data, She holds rosary and Kumbha in hands.

Third Day: The colour for 3rd day is Yellow. The day is dedicated to goddess chandraghanta. This goddess is a symbol of beauty and bravery both. She seems to always ready to fight against daityas and danavas.

Fourth Day: The Green is the colour for this day. This day is dedicated to goddess Kushmandas. The universe is made of her fraction of warmth. She holds rosary and weapons and ride on a tiger.

Navratri Colours 2015

Navratri Colours 2015 – Navratri colors 2015

Fifth Day: The colour is Grey for 5th day. This day is dedicated to goddess Skandmata. She rides on lion and holds skanda and lotus in her hands. She possess 3 eyes and 4 hands in total.

Sixth Day: The colour for this day is Orange. The day is dedicated to goddess Katyayani. She is daughter of Rishi Katyayan. She also rides on lion and possess 3 eyes and 4 hands. She holds lotus and weapons in her hands.

Seventh Day: White is the navratri colour for this day. The day is dedicated to devi Kalratri. She is enemy of ignorance and darkness. Worshiping this goddess will helps to get rid of all sins.

Eight Day: The colour for this day is pink. This day is dedicated to devi Maha Gauri. She rides on bull and possess 4 hands. She holds drum and trident and rest two are for protection of gestures.

Ninth Day: The Colour is Sky Blue for this day. The day is dedicated to devi Siddhidatri. She sits on Lotus flower. She has 4 hands in which she holds chakra, mace, lotus and conch.

This is the complete list of Navratri Colours 2015 for all nine days. Navratri Colors 2015. Stay tuned with us and keep getting stuffs like this for each and every Hindu festival. Share this on social sites for helping your friends.

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