Nepal Earthquake: 1910+ Died, India Launches ‘Operation Maitri’

By | Apr 26, 2015

India has stepped up relief and rescue operations to deal with the earthquake devastation in Nepal. Experts and essential equipment flew to Kathmandu from India in 10 planes and 12 helicopters. This reissue has been named ‘Operation Maitri’ or friendship. India fully supports the earthquake victims. Till now, 1910+ have been found dead and the search for more dead bodies and victims is ongoing.

Being a good neighbor, India’s helping Nepal with large amount of rescue content, including food, medical support and getting separated members of families together. India sends specialists, equipment and relief supplies through these aircraft. A team of doctors is also taken to Nepal to provide emergency medical services. Some of the aircraft have already been sent. At The ‘Operation Maitri’ is stopped till 4 PM IST when Nepal received aftershocks after the earthquake.

Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake

For relief efforts in Nepal – IAF – IL-76, C-130J Hercules and C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft and Mi-17 helicopter will send. Five of M-17 helicopters in Kathmandu, while three more are to be reached.

The stranded Indians in Nepal have been taken to Delhi via via four planes of Indian Air Force. Media reports that a total of 540 stranded India has been secured and reached back to India safely.

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What is Operation Maitri?

An Indian defense ministry spokesman said that 10 planes will be sent to Kathmandu in this campaign. The engineering task force, water, food, NDRF team, medical service, rescue people and equipment and tents will be sent to Nepal through these planes to help the victims.

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Relief Fund by Canada and US

The Canadian government has also announced a relief fund along with the United States to cure the devastation caused by the earthquake in Nepal. Canada will provide $5 Million fund while the United States will give $1 Million dollars. The countries announced this on Sunday’s morning.

The United States is not only helping with the money, they have also sent a specialized ‘Respos’ rescue team. This was informed by the US State Secretary – John Kerry on Sunday.

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