Nepal Earthquake: 3351+ Died, People Living & Sleeping Under Sky

By | Apr 27, 2015

Kathmandu: Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. In most parts of the country, including Saturday night and Sunday morning, the tremors felt so strong that it devastated the entire area. Thousands of panic-stricken people spent the night under the open sky.

Nepal is still recovering from Saturday’s quake, and it also felt another powerful earthquake on Sunday at 12:54 pm, which increased the risk of destruction. Sunday’s earthquake came from Kodari, 110 km from the center of the capital. People spend the night in the open on the streets and playgrounds. 7.9 intensity earthquake collapsed buildings and homes of a large population. The epicenter was located in Lamjang – 75 km from the capital.

After the earthquake, people are using playgrounds to build their own tents and carrying their mattress and sheets. Some of them are even fighting for a more secure place. Tundikel is one of the place where is the gathering of most victims.

Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake

Dashrath stadium is also in more or less the same situation. Mild tremors were felt in the city intermittently. In morning at five o’clock, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake that shook several areas in which people could not sleep at night. Authorities are facing the problem of power supply restoration.

After the earthquake, the electricity supply had been stopped in order to make sure that nobody get hurt from electric wires that, if someone get in contact with, can potentially damage or even end a life. Several sub-stations have suffered damages, though large power distribution infrastructure remained intact. Power supply officials said that they may take two to three days to restore orderly fashion.

There are a large number of police and soldiers on the streets overnight, trying to save the ones which can be saved from disaster. Some squads are consistently busy to bring out dead bodies which could not survive this quake and unfortunately died of the building collocation. Kathmandu’s hospitals are full with injured persons. Doctors and nurses are working round the clock to save the injured which could be saved.

In the capital, due to the horrific earthquake, mostly old buildings in other parts of Nepal have been affected. New buildings spared by the quake. Kathmandu’s almost every old building has been collapsed. Most new buildings are standing safely amid rubble.

The tourist center of Kathmandu Durbar Marg has moderate damage. UNESCO World Heritage buildings, the famous Pashupatinath temple and the five-floor temple Bktpur are safe. But many temples in Lalitpur, Hanumandoka and other places have been flattened.

Hope the victims of Nepal’s earthquake will get cured as soon as possible. Share it and pray for the victims. Stay tuned for more updates from Nepal.

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