Nikhil Advani Is No Mood To Direct Salman Khan Again

By | Jul 18, 2015

The director of Hero remake, Nikhil Advani, who is proceeding with his upcoming film co-produced by Salman Khan said that he is not able to direct Sallu. According to him, the primary reason is about not being able to cope up with the box office pressure which Salman’s films attract.

Salman Khan and Nikhil Advani have once done a film together. They teamed up for Salaam-e-Ishq, in which Nikhil directed Salman. But as of now, he doesn’t want to direct him again soon.

“Salman is after ‘Baahubali’ (SS Rajamouli’s latest release has reportedly garnered over Rs 200 crore in one week) which has done so well, he now wants Rs 500 crore film. I don’t want that much pressure. I started my production company with ‘D Day’ and I co-produced ‘Hero’, ‘Katti Batti’ and ‘Airlift’ which has got Akshay Kumar. I want to make nice simple films,” Nikhil Advani told PTI in an interview.

While being tried to get his real answer for saying to able to direct Salman again. He may have spoken his real reason(s). Nikhil was asked about Salman’s tantrums, that if it is the real reason which make him doubtful of directing him in any film or not. To this he admitted that, those are a part of the big game.

“I have done a film with Salman. I have worked with Shah Rukh, Rishi Kapoor, Hrithik, Akshay Kumar. If there are no tantrums then you are not going to see their films. They are stars because they have tantrums and it is part of the game,” he said.

The director, Nikhil Advani (Kal Ho Na Ho fame) said that Salman Khan asked him to direct Hero remake on the basis of the direction of D-Day.

Hero originally released in 1983 starring Jackie Shroff and Meenakshi Sheshadri. It was directed by veteran director Subhash Ghai and was declared a hit of its time.

“He has liked my work in ‘D Day’ and I am happy that Salman is producing ‘Hero’. Actually he chooses his director.. we don’t chose him,” Nikhil said.

The two new actors are making their debut with this film. They are none other than- Sooraj (son of Aditya Pancholi) and Athiya (daughter of Suniel Shetty.

“Athiya and Sooraj are very good. Athiya’s trademark is her confidence while Sooraj’s is his honesty and his ability to connect. I think he is the most genuine human being you can ever meet. He has been through a very tough time it is a big day for him,” Nikhil said.

The film is slated to release on September 11, 2015.

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