Pooja Mishra Case: No definite evidence found of tampering

By | Apr 17, 2015

Udaipur: The tampering and theft charges claimed by Pooja Mishra in Radisson Blu Hotel has not been yet confirmed after a strong investigation. The police have checked night CCTV footage around her hotel room, but did not find anyone coming through the way. However, the medical report could not also confirmed about the assault.

Ambamata police station officer, Jitendra Aanchlia said that the probe is ongoing. A few samples of bed sheet and other things have been sent to FSL. We can only conclude after the reports came. Till now, the evidence we have collected, do not confirm the facts of Pooja Mishra as per her allegation statement.

.According to the police, it is a publicity stunt by Pooja Mishra. She claims to be tampered by Sonakshi Sinha, her mother Poonam Sinha and few other Bollywood fame personalities. The incident happened on Tuesday, she lodged an FIR on the next morning.

Sonakshi Sinha behind Pooja Mishra Rape Case

Sonakshi Sinha behind Pooja Mishra Rape Case

According to the reports, Pooja came Udaipur on 10th April 2:00 PM. She had gone for a cup of tea and dinner with the event organizer and one of his familiar, she had returned to her hotel room about 12:00 PM and had a cup of tea. The next morning, she realized that she had given some kind of alcoholic substance in her tea or dinner. She had been asleep a long, and that night someone had assaulted her. She also said to have some valuable jewelry stolen from her room.

The reports will confirm whether Pooja is faking or doing a publicity stunt. She directed directed the Sinha family and said they are hounding her for a long time.

The celebrity first appeared as a Bigg Boss Season 5 contestant, she is currently an actress and model. She went to Udaipur for a calendar launch.

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