Pain In Ear, Salman Didn’t Arrive To The Court: Next Call Is On 26th April

By | Apr 23, 2015

RajasthanSalman Khan couldn’t reach the court on Thursday to file his criminal statement. But this time his sister Alveera managed the court audience and cooled down the deputies. Alveera said that brother Salman had an ear-ache and couldn’t manage to attend the hearing.

The court has accepted the petition of forgiveness of attendance. However, this is just a modest relief for Salman Khan because the court has again rejected the petition to call 5 witnesses. And the next hearing for Salman is set up on 26th April, 2015.

On 17th April, after the hearing finished, the court called Salman to come on 23th April, 2015. Chief Judicial Magistrate (Jodhpur District) and court judge Anupama Bijlani cross-examined two employees of forest department and one police officer Devendra Singh.

The judge then fixed the next hearing date of April 23. During the hearing, the judge in the case, accused Salman perpetrator ordered to be present in the statement. After being absent now, Salman Khan’s high-profile case will be opened on April 29, the decision is expected to come after the his statement.

What is the matter of this case?

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It is a case of 1998, when during the shooting of a film, Salman was accused to hunt a black deer aside the forest area. The case was first submitted in a lower court of Rajasthan. Where he was sentenced to five years jail.

Salman was not satisfied with the five years jail, so he claimed it in high-court. Then the order of the lower court was dismissed. On this answer of Salman, the Rajasthan government filed the case in the Supreme Court.

The decision of the Supreme Court overturned the decision of high-court. Dismissing the suspension of sentence, the Supreme Court advised high-court to start the case from a new point. And the matter is still in an ongoing position. No strong evidence have been found to say that Salman hunted black deer.

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