Pakistani Fishing Boat Blows itself up off Gujarat Coast, Porbandar

By | Jan 4, 2015

Pakistani Fishing Boat Blows itself up off the Gujarat Coast of Porbandar: The Pakistani always do something different each time. This time a fishing boat is alleged to be belonging of Pakistan, blew itself up off Gujarat Porbandar Coast on night of 31st December, 2014. The boat is reportedly chased by Indian Coast Guards but before arresting them they itself burns the whole boat.

As per the Defense Minister statement, the Coast Guards started the operation after proper intelligence report that a boat is alleged loaded with guns, weapons and other explosives and was coming towards the India Coast of Porbandar. The Indian Coast Guards and aircraft detected the fishing boat in the sea just near the India-Pakistan maritime boundary around approx. at a distance of 365 KM from Porbandar.

Pakistani Fishing Boat Blows itself up off Gujarat Coast of Porbandar


Pakistani Fishing Boat Blows itself up off Gujarat Coast, Porbandar

This continues for one hour, the Coast guards has given signals to stop by doing some warning firing shots as per the statement.

The intelligence report was came on 31st  December 2014, a fishing boat from Bunder near to Karachi, Pakistan was making some transaction in the Arabian Sea. As per the inputs of the intelligence, the Coast Guard Dornier aircraft look up the sea and has done the air search to locate the suspects travelling in the fishing boat.

The Coast Guard has warned first with spot light to stop further entrance in the region of India. But the warning was avoided by them and when they feel that they can’t do anything to get out of it then they blew the fishing boat themselves. Firstly an explosion occurred then the boat burnt with major fire.

“Four persons are there who does not taking the warning seriously by the Coast Guard ship to stop and cooperate with them.”, the Defense Ministry said. “The boat persons were cannot be recovered or saved due to darkness, strong winds, and bad weather conditions. The boat got burnt in the early morning of New Year”, the statement said.

The Coast Guards said its aircraft and ships are keep on searching the boatman in the area for any survivor. The Coast Guards and other security agencies are highly active in maritime and other remote coastal areas of the country.

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