Passports issued on non-existent addresses: Delhi HC seeks govt reply

By | Feb 26, 2015

We all know what actually a passport means to a person. Also, if a person is having a passport with him, then he is having the strongest proof of his address and identity and belonging to a particular country is his Passport. It is realized to be having the best gate security, for the procedure is very much long and very tight too.

Even there is a verification while making one’s passport that includes the verification of house by the police, verification of the gazetted officer who have signed on the documents of the person who have applied for passport, verification of all the documents in detail with the verification of the place of birth too.

And if this is the case that the passports are issued to people of various places and at various addresses which does not even exist till date, then it is very shameful for the government as it has questioned their passport security and gateway issues too.

According to Zee TV, the important information needed to be shared through us is:

A bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice R S Endlaw had issued notices to the ministries of external affairs (MEA) and home affairs (MHA) as well as Delhi government and city police and sought their replies by April 29.

“It is a very serious issue that people who are not living at their addresses have been issued passports in their name. The government needs to explain to us on this very serious allegation raised by the petitioner (NGO),”

It was observed that the mistakes are done due to the wrong reports given by the police who go for the verification of the house. It was said that it had alleged the diplomatic passports that are issued to non-diplomatic persons who “impersonate themselves as spouse and/or children of Members of Parliament who themselves accompany such persons and drop them off in foreign nations in exchange for huge amount of cash“. When Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Sanjay Jain was asked if there was any private verification done on the person’s address then he replied that the information is given by the police to them and if he finds some fault in it, then there is an FIR that will be lodged against the person.

The words like “overlooked the malpractices and illegalities” and “compromising of the integrity and security of our country” are used which had actually raised a lot of question on the country indirectly. It was also said that action will be taken against “illegal racket” of issuing Indian passports on false police verification reports. CBI will be the one who will be seeing this case and thus will be checking all the records and people behind it. This had been a very bad situation for our country.

How will the country develop if these sort of things will come in front of us? We are fighting and trying to improve on certain things but when we explore something new in a better way to make our country good then these sort of things come in front of us. This is very much shameful. Well, government is said to reply till 29th April.

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