PK 19th Day / 3rd Tuesday Box Office Collection: Emerges as Highest Grossing film in India

By | Jan 6, 2015

PK 19th Day / 3rd Tuesday Box Office Collection : What a brilliant performance by PK movie!!! Mesmerized, shocked, a smash hit and striking record by PK has brought the audience to say just one word- WOW. Besides the fact that Bollywood is a place of talented people and no doubt how good it is to earn money and have fame and popularity, PK is setting up new records in the country.

The movie was expected to cross the Crore earning already because of its popularity and Aamir’s poster. But unexpectedly, the movie has earned 500 Crore till now and will soon be crossing 600 Crore, as the sources say and people expects.

The movie has set up new records as no movie earned this much on the Box Office. Also, after all the protests and discussions that have taken place across the country, still the audience and Indian people are going to watch the movie in the theaters, making it more demanding and ignoring the dramas going on saying that the movie had hurt Indian Sentiments.

Today is 6th January. The movie released on 19th December 2014. Counting the number of days, 500 Crore in 17 days? Yes, PK on day 17 crossed the mark of 500 cr at box office. Shocking but a real fact that can be seen and cannot be ignored.

PK 19th Day / 3rd Tuesday Box Office Collection

PK is faring steady in its 3rd week at box office. Thus, adding more and more moolah. It became the highest 18th day grosser after collecting 4.5 cr on its 3rd Monday. Now, its total domestic BO collection stands at 309.50 cr.

PK 19th Day / 3rd Tuesday Box Office Collection = 4.2 cr [early estimate]

The movie cast Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt and Shushant Singh Rajput in it too. The work and effort put by the cast and Rajkumar Hirani with Aamir Khan had brought the movie to this level. A good Star cast with some humor in the story can be loved by the audience; this is what we learn from this subject.

Aamir Khan was always called Perfectionist and he has proved that his perfection can bring Bollywood to set up new records and bring up some good things in people. He always wanted the audience to see how society is being dumped in the number of misbelieves and misconceptions n the name of god, the name of respect and it brought nothing but only sadness and tears. He displayed all kinds of social issues, some with his movies (Taare Zameen Par, 3 idiots and now PK) and some through his show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ and he is liked by the audience very well.

So till now no movie has touched up the sky this high. As a new level is set, PK becomes the highest grossing film of India and hence Bollywood. So, this is going to be difficult for the upcoming movies as it is not so easy to break this record.

The protests against the film may have helped in increasing its collections / earning worldwide. As no other film is releasing this week and films released previous week, turned out to be disastrous. Thus, it will fare steady over its 3rd week.

PK 19th Day / 3rd Tuesday Box Office Collection

PK 19th Day / 3rd Tuesday Box Office Collection

As most of us have seen the movie already, there is no use of repeating the story. Well can this be analyzed that people are not hearing out to protests against PK? Or the protests that were expected to effect PK and stop it worked in an opposite manner? Did it publicize the movie? Or the audience liked PK more than tha protest drama? Are people getting used to protests? Or is it just Aamir’s fans, which are increasing in number? Or the storyline was so good that no protests affected the thought of going for the movie? Or the protests are seen because there was something true in the movie that could not be seen by the protestors and was against them?

The answer to these questions are not known but one thing is sure and that is the fact that all the records are broken by PK and it stands on the top and becomes the highest grossing film. All the best to Aamir for another Crore and congrats to him for his success. Cheers, Aamir!

PK 19th Day / 3rd Tuesday Box Office Collection will be updated to exact figures after collecting all the BO updates by tomorrow afternoon.

Stay tuned with us. We will be updating you about the PK box office collection and other Bollywood updates.

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