PK 3rd Thursday Collection 21st Day Box Office Report

By | Jan 8, 2015

PK 3rd Thursday Collection / PK 21st Day Box Office Report : The highest grosser Bollywood movie- directed by Rajkumar Hirani which has already broken many of the records has entered the third week after the movie is released.

Despite of all the disputes that are waiving across the country, it is being appreciated by the audience and they are still going to the theaters to watch the movie.


Well, not taking the readers in suspense now, the movie has earned a total of Rs. 607 Crore till yesterday. While it broke the records of Dhoom 3 also, it has driven the fans crazy enough to watch the movie again. A total of 273 % of profit is earned by the movie.

It collected 3.75 cr on Wednesday, in its third week. At domestic box office, it has made over 317.25 cr while gross Indian collections is 457 cr and 150 cr are added from overseas.

PK 3rd Thursday Collection / PK 21st Day Box Office Report

There is no doubt on the fact that it is really doing well and the concept brought by the movie is taking attention of people as it also have the impactful acting of Aamir Khan in it.

PK 3rd Thursday Collection / PK 21st Day Box Office Report – 3.5 cr [early estimate]

Tomorrow is another Friday when the other movies of the Bollywood will be releasing. The movie is a super duper hit. But it can face competitions also as tomorrow, ‘Tevar’ is about to get released.

The audience will be the one deciding the confusion on which one will they go for. On one hand, we have ‘pk’ which is seen, a top grosser, a reviewed movie, a popular and must watch type movie. On the other hand, we have ‘Tevar’, which will be something new to come on screen, not as popular as ‘pk’, new to review, unpredictable story.

Will the audience go for the experienced one or something fresh on screen? Where will they invest their money? Which one will they see? It will be very interesting to see what the people will prefer to watch?

Let us see which one dominates and which one is recessive?

Keeping the competitions apart, yes the movie pk has made a huge figure profit in only 20 days.

On one hand, pk is earning profit, but on the other, there are many who didn’t like the concept of the movie. It was long movie and not as good as it earned. Is pk earning the money because of its story and concepts? Or it is just the glamour and Khan factor?

It is the audience who just watched the movie, gave reviews and made it on the top. According to some people, the story was not that interesting and they were not happy with the records that were made by the movie.

Is it just like the ‘Bhaid Chall’? Well everyone has their opinions. Send us your reviews and give us the reason why we should love or hate the movie.

Let us see how much it earns as total. All the best though.

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