Pranab Mukherjee Paid Tribute On 121st Birth Anniversary Of 4th President Of India

By | Aug 10, 2015

Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India, paid floral tribute to the former president of India, V.V. Giri.

Today is the 121st birth anniversary of the 4th president of India, Late Varhagiri Venkata Giri.

Along with Pranab, the officers and staff of Rashtrapati Bhavan paid tributes on this special occasion on August 10, 2015.

The portrait of VV Giri placed in the Durbar Hall of Rashtrapati Bhavan was used for the same.

The Life of VV Giri: An Overview 

He was born on 10th August 1894 into a Telugu-speaking family at Berhampur. He was a well-known congress leader who served as the President of the nation from 24th August 1963 to 23rd August 1964.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed succeeded him. Till date, he is the only person who served as an Acting President as well as the only independent candidate who have won the presidential election.

VV Giri is also described as a ‘Prime Minister’s President’.

He was honored the Bharat Ratna in 1975 for his extraordinary efforts in the area of public affairs and was the fourth of only five Indian Presidents who have been granted the Highest Indian Civilian award until now.


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