Priyanka Says Not To Equate Deepika & Herself to Madhuri-Aishwarya

By | May 5, 2015

Two of the finest Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone will be seen in a dancing face-off in their upcoming collaboration Bajirao Mastani. It has been doing rounds around B-Town and social media. Priyanka shared her dance experience, which she has completed a few days ago, at ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ promotional event held in a mall in Mumbai.

Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit shared the stage for Dola Re from the evergreen movie Devdas is still remembered with honor as the typical Bollywood Dance. It hooked eyes of viewers from the starting till the ending of the song. The media tried to compare them with the new-age actresses Deepika & Priyanka.

Deepika-Priyanka Together

Deepika-Priyanka Together

PC was quoted as saying that it would be better for her, if not compared herself and Deepika to the Devdas actresses.

The item girl, Chopra said:-

[pull_quote_center]Shooting with Deepika for the dance number was absolutely brilliant. I am glad we did this together, especially because she is a friend and I have known her for a while now. I really like the way it’s turned out.[/pull_quote_center]

The actress told if she felt any kind of competition or insecurity performing with Deepika. She said:-

[pull_quote_center]We both complement each other. We were not competitive.
“I know that comparisons with Devdas are inevitable and people will pit us like that, but honestly, there shouldn’t be any comparisons. There is absolutely nothing similar between the two. Don’t compare us to them. That is a classic. Ours is more about the first wife versus the second wife and has a lot of heart-wrenching moments”.[/pull_quote_center]

Who does not remember her saree avatar in Dostana. PC also captured talking about sarees.

[pull_quote_center]”I absolutely adore saris. I am going to be seen in 11-yard saris in the film and right from my jewellery to my armour, everything has been carefully sourced by Sanjay sir and his team. I’m a Peshwin, so all my clothes have a regal touch to them. The story goes back to 500 years, so everything has been picked and chosen with great attention to detail. I was walking around with saris that have a trail. It took about an hour for me to drape the sari every day and another half an hour to get dressed. But I enjoyed it.”[/pull_quote_center]

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