Get Lost From My ‘India’: Rakhi Sawant says to Sunny Leone

By | May 29, 2015

The wannabe glamrous, female version of KRK, celebrity Rakhi Sawant hits headlines yet again for her recent controversial comment on the former-adult-star turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone; she order her ‘Get Lost From My India’.

Few weeks ago, Rakhi rounded the social media for commenting on Sunny Leone that people like her should be rewarded because ‘We Give Them Clothes, Kya Sunny, Main Hu Glamorous!’.

In the latest incident, Sawant lashed out at Leone for spreading obsecnity and destroying the Indian culture as well as Film industry’s too.

At the shoot of her upcoming item number Party Punjabi Style, she said, “We should throw her out of the country, if not then see, I am a model and I also competed in politics. And now I am wearing this types of clothes. Due to models like Sunny Leone, we, girls, have to wear shorts or bikinis because everyone is demanding that. It’s okay because I am Rakhi Sawant, and there is no concern to wear bikins if you have an outstanding body like me. But I do not want others to do so.

Rakhi Sawnat at video shoot

Rakhit Sawant, at the shoot of upcoming item number Party Punjabi Style

The actress further went and mad the most shocking comment, you might not have heard something like this before, “Get lost of my India, go in other countries and do whatever she wants, whether eat lollipop or anything. I will show what the true entertainment is called.”

Check out the video here:-

Though, whatever Rakshi commits or admits about herself, she has never been above par of Sunny Leone. The foriegner beauty still remains the queen of hotness.

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