Review: Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Another Forgettable Salman Movie

By | Jul 18, 2015

Movie – Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Cast – Salman Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Kareena Kapoor
Director – Kabir Khan
Synopsis – Salman Khan tries to reunite a cute & mute girl with her parents in Pakistan.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan Review


The movie initiates from Pakistan, where lives a family – father (soldier), a mother and a mute girl. The mother believes that if she takes her daughter to Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin ‘Daragh’, then she might get her voice back.

As her father is a Paki Soldier, he couldn’t get visa to visit India. So her mother plans to travel to India with her daughter via train. After performing rituals at the ‘Dargah’, they are going back to home, at night, an incident happens when the daughter gets separated from her mother.

She, then, thinks to travel on the forthcoming train, as it would take her to a home. In contrary, the next train takes back to India, where she meets a kind man who, with great panache, takes the responsibility to reunite her two parents.

The problem is that she cannot even read or write, so the man takes the girl to his home, thinking she is a ‘Brahmin’, he lives with a lady as his father has been dying after hearing the 10 times fail – passing metric in 11th go. The man here is Salman Khan and the lady is Kareena Kapoor.

By an illegal practice, Salman crosses the border of India-Pakistani, then meet a media reporter (Nawazuddin Siddiqui). With the help of Nawazuddin, he succeeds reuniting the girl to her parents.

But what happens after that? Do Salman returns India without getting hurt? What happens in the climax?

Cinematography, Locations and Editing

The cameraman gave his level best in filming the movie with great shots and scenes. And locations are also of a high order.

The editing part lacks a little, the flick could have been fifteen minutes short by cutting all the extra parts such as music etc.


Kabir Khan’s direction is what makes Bajrangi Bhaijaan a must watch. He has put an abundance of emotion that it makes every scene like a non-erasable stamp on the heart. The movie emotion signifies the real Kabir Khan, how much kind he is in real life because if it was not so, then he could not have directed BB the way it is.


Talking of the little cute & mute girl Harshaali Malhotra, she has proved her will and determination towards the character of Munni. If she was not in the movie, then BB had not been a movie whatsoever.

Salman Khan did a great job in getting into Pavan Kumar’s role. He has acted a serious kind of role after a long time. In her small screen space, Kareena Kapoor has only added greatly to the movie.

Nawazuddin, who is known for his serious and award-winning roles, misses the shot. He more suits in a negative role, but for his endeavour towards achieving more in self, is what gets praise and praises.

All the supporting actors have been a great journey throughout the entire 2 and a half hour saga.


The movie is a great fun at the starting and at the climax.

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