Riya Sen’s Apartment Engulfed in Massive Fire

By | Apr 12, 2015

A massive fire broke out at Bollywood veteran actress Moon Moon Sen‘s residence in Juhu area Mumbai.

A major loss of property was reported and the fire was brought in control, by the fire the fire officials who work for hours to douse the fire.

Sen was in the apartment when the mischief occurred, but remained unhurt.

The cause of the fire is yet to be investigated.

Abhay Kale, Divisional Fire Officer, said that, “We have received the call to our control room, and our workers have assessed the situation, the fire is on the 6th floor of the apartment in 601 and 602 rooms (approximately 1200 square meter area).

Objects like household furniture, electrical insulation, electrical appliances have been engulfed and vanished by fire. The first has been doused by 2 water jets. The cause of the fire in under investigation, and yet to be known. By the grace of god, everyone is secure, but the house is completely damaged.”

Riya Sen's Apartment Engulfed in Massive Fire

Riya Sen’s Apartment Engulfed in Massive Fire

Riya Sen tweeted this :-

As you can see in her teeth, she blames India open handed that the fire service is poor. The house was burning in fire, and the fire, ambulance arrived 1 hour late. The disappointment and sadness of losing his house can be seen from her move.

This horrible incident took place at 2 AM in the morning when both mother and daughter were sleeping. The fire was first spotted by Riya Sen then she contacted the fire department in Mumbai.

After that, several neighbors also came out of their houses to check the warmness being raised more and more. Later they altogether informed 111 about the fire, but fire tenders took more than 1 hour to arrive which caused much damage to the house.

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