Rupin Kahlon Debuts With ‘Tuna Tuna’ – Check Video

By | Apr 5, 2015

Rupin Kahlon debuts with his new single Tuna Tuna. The video is released on April 9th 2015. It is a peppy number on which you will tap your feet on the floor. This song is a production of music company T-Series – Gulshan Kumar.

First of all, this is a debut song, so do not expect it to be blockbuster or anything like that. I agree that video has been shot on a big budget but that is what T-Series is known for. The high-end graphics, intros and animations are just great.

We will begin with watching the actual song and then comment on its performance, and see it in more details.

Rupin Kahlon – Tuna Tuna – Video

The song is done by Rupin Kahlon himself from its lyrics to music and singing. The video presentation is delivered by one of the finest production company T-Series Apna Punjab.

After getting to know that Rupin is a debutant, you would have thought that this guy has no talent prior in music industry, how well he sound in a song etc. Let me clear this scenario of yours. He has sung the song professionally.

Rupin Kahlon tuna tuna

Rupin Kahlon tuna tuna lyrics

Tuna Tuna lyrics are very punchy, some of the lines would make you hear it repeatedly. The vocals of Rupin are also promising ones. The song lacks just in its music composition. Some of you might not feel the music amusing, and yeah it is good.

Overall, as a starter, Rupin deserves an applause for her dedication towards his singing career and starting it all alone. I have left my conclusion or review-in-few lines. I would love to hear more from you about the song and feel free to leave your hearty views (best or bad).

The song sounded a bit too over-express by applying some unusual stuff, I’d say they preferred more editing than working on its quality. We could not complain about the video, everything is fine the way it is shown – the model, children and dance steps.

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