Saina Nehwal Nominated for PADMA BHUSHAN Award

By | Jan 6, 2015

Saina Nehwal Nominated for PADMA BHUSHAN Award : The Padama Bhushan Award is said to be the third highest civilian award which is give by the Presient of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan. As we all know that it is a civilian award and was given in the year 1954 till 2014.

It is a type of award that comes after the Bharat Ratna Award and Padama Vibhushan Awards and before the Padama Shri Award. This award is given to the people who have contributed any type of service in any field to the nation so as the nation feels proud and happy. It is announced on Republic Day saying that the nominees that are selected for the awards are named here.

Saina Nehwal Nominated for PADMA BHUSHAN

The Indian Badminton Player – Saina Nehwal is selected for this as a nominee and will be getting this honor near March or April. Besides her sports, she is known for her active participation in social events and henceforth, as she has brought the country’s name to the top, she is being selected by the government to receive this honor.


It is the sports ministry who have recommended her name for the award. When they were asked on this topic, they said, “In view of the achievements of Ms. Saina Nehwal, the department of sports has decided to recommend her case for Padma Bhushan to the ministry of home affairs as a special case although the last date for making the recommendation is long over”.

Saina Nehwal Nominated for PADMA BHUSHAN Award

Saina Nehwal Nominated for PADMA BHUSHAN Award


When the media talked to Saina, she said that the BAI (Badminton Association of India) had suggested her name twice before for the award, but the sports ministry did not accepted the claim saying that they received the letter of request on Saturday.

There is a bit of dispute between the sports authority and BAI for the nominations for the awards. One says that they did not receive any application whereas the other says that the request was sent last year in August but was not considered at all.

The sports authority had sent another nominee before itself as the recommendations are to be sent before only. It is Sushil Kumar for wrestling. Sources say that the sports authority said, “Shri Sushil Kumar’s recommendation for Padma Bhushan Award was made after taking into consideration his achievements, viz. Bronze Medal in Beijing Olympic Games-2008; Gold medal in Commonwealth Games-2010; Gold Medal in Senior World Wrestling Championship-2010; Silver Medal in London Olympic Games-2012; Gold Medal in Commonwealth Games-2014; and several other achievements at national and international level.”

For Saina, she is the first badminton player from India who has won medal in Olympics. Her contribution is worth the nomination. She plays for Hyderabad and Indian Badminton League. She is the first Indian women who have won this many medals in International games including the Olympics.

Though the recommendation for her name is given by the sports authority, they also pushed the fact that they did not receive any kind of requests from the BAI for the nomination of Saina Nehwal. On the other hand Saina says that she is no one to ask her the award. But still we are happy to get her this award because she deserves it. Well done Saina!!

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