Salman Khan Hit and Run Case – Latest News, Updates & Developments

By | Mar 1, 2015

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case – Latest News, Updates & Developments : The court will be giving a statement on the driving license of Salman Khan on 3rd March. The Bollywood actor SalmanKhan who is very famous and makes the world of Bollywood, “The Bollywood”, is not out of the 2002 case of Hit and Run till now.

There is an investigation that is pending for the last 13 years on the actor Salman. The Magistrate court in Mumbai accepted the request of the government of Maharashtra on 27th February that is the last Friday, which was a request for the under Section 304(II) of the Indian Penal Code which states that the inquiry will be under this section which offers a big offence.

The plea was to re inspect an RTO officer. He is to be re-examined because he is the one who did the inspection of the actor car after the accident. We were updated by the reason that the actor did not have driving license when he had this case on him.

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case

This news was confirmed by the witness himself who is the assistant inspector at the RTO and told the judge who was DW Deshpande that the actor got the license for driving in the year 2004 which is two year after the case of hit & run which was on him on 2002.

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case - Latest News, Updates & Developments

Salman is actually trying under this section which actually rules in the matters of rash and negligent driving. This section tells that if a person goes against the law and actually drives in a bad way and the person who is found guilty should get the punishment of the sentence of ten years for maximum and punishment of two years.

Salman Khan is actually fighting his case with his advocate Dipesh Mehta who is saving him and he informed the media that the actor will have to appear the Sessions court on February 11 only. As the offence was seriously serious, the Magistrate followed today’s order of the court and that includes to the commitment of the case to reach for the Sessions court for the trail. The same type of trail is conducted in 2006 also.

Salman Khan Hit and Run Case – Latest News, Updates & Developments

Coming back to it, yes the case was upon the Rich Bollywood actor who was driving the Toyota Land Cruiser and entered into a bakery in the place near Bandra as he drove very much rudely and killed a person with four getting injured who were sleeping in the pavements of the bakery. This incident happened on September 28. 2002.

A many different issues landed up in the case. There was a witness who saw Salman who got out of his car from the driving seat side but even that witness just tossed it out. This is the disadvantage of the law. Time spoils the witness and thy just switch their statements too. Also, there was the police men who said that it was not sure that Salman was drunk or not.

The constant switching between the witnesses and their statements clears the things that they must be laying for the second time as anyone could buy them with the money and especially when the case is against the person with this much of fame and popularity among the people.

The witnesses who checked the blood samples for the testing for the drinking of the actor or not, also now said that he do not remember that what chemicals were present at that time in the lab. Also, he was not sure about the fact that it was checked properly or not.

Well, the law is too slow to get the criminal in for the punishment. Indian Constitution is needed to be improved. Well this questions the law and the laws made in the constitution if it cannot fight against the money and power of a single person.

As of now, this is all regarding the Salman Khan Hit and Run Case – Latest News, Updates & Developments. Stay connected with us for more.

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