Salman Khan to Script Kick sequel, the Film to release by end of 2016

By | Feb 17, 2015

Salman Khan who is himself is a great entertainer and one of the Khans who are ruling the industry. Remember his lately released Kick in 2014? Yes, it earned a sum of Rs 200 crore throughout the country that too in a very few days. Salman Khan to Script Kick sequel.

So, after being a successful actor and entertainer, Salman will be writing script for his own movie and even act in it. So, he will be writing a new role for himself in the sequel of the blockbuster. Also, he will be screen playing the story that he is going to write.

The next sequel was titled as ‘Devil’ and also that the story idea for the next Kick was observed to be emerged from Salman. When the movie producer and director Sajid Nadiadwala was asked about it, he said that he will not even think of the sequel till and until he gets a good breakthrough script.

Salman Khan to Script Kick sequel


He wanted to have an interesting story that would be able to blow the audience and thus he said that he could wait for a good script to go for a sequel. This was when there was no hint about the chances of the sequel that could be made. It was just some time before that Salman and Sajid were sitting and having a normal conversation among them and it was a coincidence that Salman thought of an idea and story for the movie and thus as Sajid liked it, he was ready to grab the good story and offered him to write the story for it as well.

So, it was Salman who had thrown the story in a single line when having chat with Sajid and he liked it so badly that he offered him to even write on it. It is not at all the first time for Salman to write. Remember the movie Veer? Yes, that was written by Salman himself. It was a bang on the Box office but could not make it to a big collection. He was even involved with the scripting of Chandramukhi having Co-star a SriDevi in which Salman had played the lead and he had also produced the movie too.

Salman Khan to Script Kick sequel

Salman Khan to Script Kick sequel

Well, the sequel titled as Devil will go in the theaters at the end of the year 2016. But this time it will not any of these two stars- neither Randeep Hooda nor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It was said that the sequel was in the news before the movie actually released.

The movie’s role was actually too damn appreciated. Also, if we talk about his schedule, he will have to complete the four sequels- Dabangg 3, Bodyguard 2, No Entry Mein Entry and the Kick 2.

So, it may take some time for him to write and so we expect the story to come to us in the theaters soon. It is heard from the hidden sources that the actor had already started working on the script. He has made it to be more emotional this time than what the movie had in it last time in the first part of its own. While talking about his recent project, he told the sources that he had done Sooraj and then will do Kabir’s film followed by No Entry Mein Entry.

He will then work on Sultan and then Shuddhi. So in his busy schedule, he will have to this new work also. Salman is actually a professional when it comes to commitments. We hope Salman will do great this time. What do you think of turning Salman Khan as a script-writer for Kick sequel?

All his fans are dieing to see him for the spectacular role that he played in the first part. So, he is expected to much more and compete with the films like pk as all the hopes of his fans lie in this new venture of his. We will him all the best.

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