Shah Rukh Khan Crossed 12 Million Followers on Twitter – More Than Salman & Aamir Khan

By | Mar 31, 2015

The king of Bollywood Film Industry – ShahRukh Khan has recently surpassed the fan following of the others two biggest players Salman Khan & Aamir Khan.

Yesterday, Shah Rukh crossed the mark of having 1 Crore 20 Lakh followers on his twitter account, more than any other Indian celebrity. In international digits, it scores about 12 Million.

Shah Rukh Khan loves Twitter. He shares every minimal to the biggest news in his daily lives on twitter. That is why people love him, and obviously the reason for this huge fan following.

This is literally the result of his invested time on updating his profile with sweet tweets. If there is a place where you can find what SRK does in a day , what he eats, when he wakes up and everything related to his lifestyle. That is Twitter, no kidding.

Shah Rukh Khan 12 M Twitter Followers

Shah Rukh Khan 12 M Twitter Followers

It doubtlessly the main factor for 12 Million Twitter followers.

He is only following 76 people on the entire Twitter World. Some names to include – Bomab Irani, Farah Khan, Jay Sean, Shakira, Leonardo DiCaprio and the most recognized and empowering personalities on the Internet.

By the way, two other Khans – Aamir Khan & Salman Khan are no more behind than SRK. Till the day, Aamir has around 1 Crore 19 Lakh followers whereas Salman averages about 1 Crore 9 Lakh followers. Well, now the Shah Rukh Khan is the only superstar of Social Media.

The famous celebrities from Bollywood also congratulated SRK on achieving the big milestone. His two good friends or say competitors also wished him for 12 M fans.

We hope that he maintains the same pace and keep on updating his fans with more entertaining news. And it will result in a more massive fan following base.

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