Shah Rukh Khan’s son AbRam Holding A Broom For Swachh Bharat!… ☻

By | Apr 6, 2015

The millionaire’s son stepped in the game and want to take part in Clean India Campaign!☻

The image SRK recently posted of his son holding a broom went viral on Social Media and now trending on Twitter, and among new publication services.

ShahRukh Khan's son AbRam Holding A Broom For Swachh Bharat!... ☻

ShahRukh Khan’s son AbRam Holding A Broom For Swachh Bharat!… ☻

Your first reaction might be – who is that cute guy with shaggy hairs and what is he doing with that broom? Well, he is the son of the world’s second richest actor – Shah Rukh Khan a.k.a The King Khan or Bollywood King.

He is the youngest property (.. mean son) of SRK and Gauri Khan. The son AbRam, being 3 years old, is literally the cutest celebrity kid there in B-Town except Hrithik’s sons.

After completing his shoot of FAN in London and returning back to India, he posed the following tweet:-

“Starting him young to believe in Clean India….Green India…& maybe a round or two of Quidditch!!”

While shooting for his upcoming film FAN, Shah Rukh faced an injury in the knees. He did not have enough time to cure that, it came India along with him. As a son, AbRam reaction was this:-

“Makeup is not just to look pretty on the screen. It helps cover the bruises. That as I nurse my knee…my little one says “Papa toot gaya…” King Khan tweeted.

Aren’t the pair looks spectacular? It is beyond these letters.

The innocence of AbRam looks amazing on his face. That sense of knowing – what am I doing? creates a beautiful environment around him. Moreover, a situation to be captured in a camera and shared on social media.

The King Khan never misses an opportunity to be friends with own family. SRK’s elder son got caught in a MMS Scandal alleged with a girl. The news went viral, but the Khan handled it quite normally. That defines the power of being the richest known personality.

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Tell you son(s) and daughter(s) to be a part of “Swachh Bharat”.

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