Shame On Salman Khan, so India: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

By | May 10, 2015

New Delhi: India reacted equivocally to the suspended five year sentence in jail of the superstar Salman Khan. The ‘Khan’ family, manifestly, is happy with the decision of Bombay High Court for giving him bail. His fans have protested for him at some places around the court to prevent any harm to Salman.

Many Indians were against the outcome and though that Salman should be jailed, but they portrayed their feeling just by tweeting and updating their status on Facebook. One face came ahead who finds the bail disgusting and meaningless. Her name is Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, an author, who wrote arts like Fareway Music & Sita’s Curseinced.

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

Again, it is posted by her on her Facebook wall. This is an open letter, and it is contrary to the posts of people who just reflected their moods opaquely. She called ‘Salman Khan’ – ‘law abusing son of a rich’, ‘woman beating’, ‘miserable drunk’!

Here is the open letter:

Just when you are impressed with justice in this country. You are bound to be disappointed. Shame on you Salman Khan. For all your Being Human bhaigiri and your adopted sister, you are just a miserable drunk, animal hunting, woman beating, drugged out, intellectually depraved, law abusing son of a rich and famous father who cheated on his wife and now lives with his wife, and mistress.

Lacking the basic moral courage to call his spoilt son a criminal. A bunch of failed siblings all living off Salman’s reflected glory. And for the stars, socialites and fans supporting this giant *donkey who should get nothing less than his full term of ten years in jail, if not more, you deserve this shithole of a nation – scams, crooks and corruption at every level.

Shame on you Harsh Salve. Selling your soul time and again, to callous celebs who wield political power and huge monetary influence, instead of using your fancy legal degree to help those in need – yes, I mean men and women and children living on the streets. For defending another crook who for the last 12 years has bastardized the system, being arrogant enough to miss most of his hearings, trying to use false witnesses and involve his poor driver Ashok Singh, buying out his loyalty.

Shame on you prosecution and Mumbai police – for not dragging back singer Kamal Khan, another giant loser with an accent, who was sitting behind Khan when he drove over the innocent pavement dwellers.

How is he even allowed to leave this country when he’s a key material witness? Shame on you Bollywood producers and directors, lining up outside the Khan residence as if there is a condolence meeting in session, hole-licking an aging star who will help you get rid of your ill begotten wealth and substandard scripts – catering to a bunch of losers who watch this trash, year, after year, after year. Earning you another 100 crores of black money borrowed from Dawood, or some other Bhai, based in Dubai, in all probability.

Shame India. These are your Heroes.

This is your judiciary.

This is your real face.

And do yourselves a favor, screw the charity theory. The he’s got a heart of gold. The million examples of how Salman Khan helps people in need. It doesn’t count when you drive drunk. Shoot a black buck. Bash up and abuse the women you love. And bribe your way to freedom after killing a man. Feeling sorry doesn’t justify what you did, or make your guilt any less.

You don’t know Salman Khan personally, you just watch his films!

(Courtesy: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu’s Facebook wall)

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