Shikha Joshi, BA Pass Actress, Found Dead, strangled with knife

By | May 18, 2015

Due to lack of modelling and acting work, the BA Pass (2012) fame – Shikha Joshi committed suicide by making self attacks in neck with the help of a knife. She was found lying dead in the bathroom of her apartment in Andhrei West, Mumbai.

The suicidal, Shikha, arrived Mumbai two  months back from New Delhi, where her family lives. She stayed in Mumbai with her friend who witnessed the suicide. The friend told police:-

I came home at 6:00 PM. We both conversed for a bit of time, then she decided to take a bath. It has been longer than usual time, I then knocked the door, she replied to come out in a few minutes. I became suspicious and then opened the door forcefully. Then… I saw Shikha lying in the bloody bathtub.
victim’s friend

Shikha Joshi Dead

Shikha Joshi


An investigation officer at Versova Police Station collected the information from her friend. He said, “The friend took her to a nearby hospital Kokilaben Ambani Hospital. She was conscious and talked to the friend in soft voice. After reaching to the hospital, she was declared dead.”

“While they were on the way to the hospital. She asked her the reason for committing suicide. She was frustrated because she could not get any work.”

“Police team was alerted by neighbours in night after which we took the body and sent it for post-mortem. From preliminary investigation, we have learnt that she was under depression,” the officer said.

Shikha was gifted by a daughter, who now sees at 19 years old, lives in Delhi. She has been informed by the police.

Four years ago, in 2011, Joshi topped headlines for a controversy which stated that the actress had been molested by a doctor who did her Breat Implant Surgery.

The actress successfully underwent the surgery in 2006, after 5 years, she noticed a lump under her right breast.

“She had accused the doctor of molesting her by touching her inappropriately,” he added.

The late actress starred in the critically acclaimed movie BA Pass (2012) in a short role alongside Shilpa Shukla.

The actress has featured in a small role in 2012 film “BA Pass” along side lead actress Shilpa Shukla.

The director’s take on the suicide:-

Ajay Bahl, who directed the actor in BA Pass, told Hindustan Times, “Shikha came across as a very happy-go-lucky person when I worked with her in BA Pass. She auditioned for us and we liked her. She was a beautiful actor and I planned to work with her in one of my upcoming projects. In fact, she even came to my office three to four months ago.”

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