Shiv Sena Outburst On Riya Sen’s Comment on Delayed Fireman Response

By | Apr 16, 2015

The Bollywood actress Riya Sen, who was a big shot of her time in the industry, tweeted the embarrassment of the event of fire in her house. Shiv Sena got angry when she disrespected the entire nation, and grappled her on Wednesday and said that people live here just because it provides prop to them.

Riya Sen house got caught fire on Sunday in Juhu and fire personnel took a slightly long time to arrive at the place, and after that the alleged 34-year-old actress took her anger on Twitter.

She tweeted that, “My house has been on fire. Two of our flats have been destroyed by heavy fire. We called control room, and they are coming 1 hour late. I am ashamed of the country.” Sena mouthpiece ‘face’, according to an editorial published in the issue of Wednesday. Riya and her mother Moon Moon Sen have spent the most of their time in Mumbai. Moon Moon Sen was from the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal’s Bankura as a constituency MP.

Shiv Sena Anger on Riya SenAC

Shiv Sena angery on Riya Sen

Sena told editors that, “Mumbai is Mumbai at the end of the day. This provides home to many people with different tribes and backgrounds, gives people work opportunities, and also a decent security. That is why we all respect Mumbai. There are people in this city who do not have fans in their home, and even sometimes their slum gets burned. They never say that they are ashamed of the fire services.”

Sena also stated that the actress is not a particular celebrity, many come to Mumbai to earn money, she is one of them too.

Talking about the time when a hospital in Kolkata was in a catastrophic fire, a few days ago, nobody came ahead and said they are ashamed of the city.

According to Shiv Sena, “We were also sad that her (Riya Sen) house was engulfed in fire. Why firemen reach to the spot late, this is a subject of investigation. But her remarks were shocking.”

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