Spotify Launching for Sony’s PS3 and PS4: No Membership Required To Use

By | Apr 1, 2015

Spotify Launching for Sony’s PS3 and PS4: Sony announced PlayStation Music in January and thus the new music destination that brought up PlayStation 3 and 4 and the Sony Xperia and thus 41 markets including these devices in it.

Thus one can enjoy the world’s best music an gaming on one go and in the same hand altogether. Thus the network is going to be fabulous and thus the company is thrilled to announce the spotify of the Playstation music that has come to PS3 and PS4 on 30th March as said by them on their blogs.

What is Spotify?

It is actually a partner of Play Station Music that have and consists of more than 30 million songs and 1.5 billion playlists along with it. The PS4 users can actually track their favorite song while they are playing their game in the playstation.

Enjoyment matters and it is doubled when you have your favorite song played in the background. Wow!! Fabulous for game and music lovers too. Kind of an add on to fun and game playing.

Spotify Launching for Sony's PS3 and PS4

Spotify Launched for Sony PS3 and PS4

How is it beneficial?

The controls are made easier and thus the PS3 and PS4 users will be downloading the official spotify app in their android devices or iOS system. So, the connectivity is easier and thus one can actually use the music player and can select the playlist, skip songs, adjust the volume and other features also.

The networks of the PlayStation are so good that the users may actually link up his or her account to the officially installed application. So, one can apply for the Spotify Premium service too and the other facilities also. The cost of the player is $9.99 per month.

The other offers from spotify are:

  1. Unlimited music subscribers with the account that are acive on March 29 2015 can use the Spotify premium for 2 months for free.
  2. The new and the existing users of spotify will get a trial of a month for free.

This is something at the start and thus there will be a lot more coming up to explore on the spotify application. Eric Lempel said that that was a real collaboration [between Sony and Spotify], to make sure it really fits the PlayStation audience and kind of stays true to what Spotify is. Lempel is vice president for the Sony Network an Entertainment business and operations in America.

Landing up for more detail, the panel will be divided into two sections that will inlude Browse and Your music tags which will consist their respective tracks as usual. When one signs in, he will be able to see all the songs that he had saved before along with the playlists that are existing and the playlist one is actually following.

The Browse section consists of the list of music that has the searched songs in it that are divided up in genres and moods and lot more. One can even search a particular track by clicking on the usual search symbol that s used everywhere. You can even create shortcuts.

Lempel had promised that they will not just launch and move off and forget. He said they will keep working with Spotify ad create better connection and integration to create things that people may not forget.

It was said that the partnership is to be viewed as a true one and it is tried to make a best out of it resulting in much more new generations and feature tat will be enabled and thus new engineering applied on it with the marketing strategy too.

The people are planning real huge thing which will be explored and even guessed in the near days but the idea is the good one. Enjoy music with playing. Double fun.

As of now, this is all about the news regarding Spotify for Sony PS3 and PS4. If you want to know more something in specific, then do let us know. Stay updated with SHAupdates.

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