Video: ‘Sun Sathiya’: Undisputed Dance of Shraddha, with Perfect Music

By | May 14, 2015

One step towards the release, ABCD 2 producers have released a latest song ‘Sun Sathiya’ centered especially on Shraddha Kapoor. You might have seen the co-actor Varun Dhawan dancing in previous movies (danced phenomenally), but Shraddha steals the show this time. The exceptional dance makes the song more catchy, its beats and rich lyrics define what has been the song is all about. The soundtrack carries affections of Varun-Siddharth, as it a romantic song. The undisputed dance, with marvelous beats make it the best of ABCD 2 yet.

Shraddha Kapoor – New Dancing Idol!

Sun Sathiya Music Video

Sun Sathiya Music Video

Considering that Shraddha has already done an item number with Emraan Hashmi in ‘Ungli’. It is not a complete strange flavor to see her dancing. The song titled – ‘Dance Basanti’. However, the dance was cold, it did not expose her dance skills legitimately. I request you to keep that perspective aside while watching the video. You will be blown.

Amazing THEME, And Lip-Lock!

The chemistry of Shraddha and Varun feels promising on-screen, probably because they have been friends since childhood. Yes, Shraddha knows Varun since her childhood. The understanding between the characters Suresh (played by Varun) and Vinnie (played by Kapoor) appears during watching the songs videos, the new song ‘Sun Sathiya’ clears the fine line perfectly and the pair glows enormously.

The elegant kiss enhances the overall experience of watching the song. The stunning lip-lock at the end, shot in Grand Canyon; increases the hotness.

Sun Sathiya features few, but enough, of the most magnificent, appealing locations like Las Vegas and Grand Canyon (river). The adorable look of Shraddha in red dress add up the glamour.

You would only notice a mistake during a few dance movies that they are done unprofessionally by Shraddha Kapoor. She slips at some places, and it could not be a matter of choreography as the director, Remo D’Souza, himself has designed the dance scheme.

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