The Amazing Teaser of ‘FAN’ Starring Shahrukh Khan Released by YRF

By | Jul 10, 2015

The teaser of one of the most awaited films starring Shahrukh Khan has been released today. FAN teaser is unveiled by the producer of the film, Yash Raj Films.

The film is directed by Maneesh Sharma (Band Baaja Baraat fame). The interesting thing is SRK is playing himself in it.

The teaser includes the shots of SRK while greeting the fans’ crowd outside Mannat. The video features the typical and most popular pose of Shah Rukh Khan, which he does with his hands.

The FAN teaser video appears to be just a video made by a SRK’s fan until the point, the film reveals that it has a center of attraction – the biggest fan of SRK in the world.

YRF released this teaser on Thursday afternoon. However, the length of the video is appropriate, but it didn’t succeed in satisfying an SRK fan. Thus, it gets on their nerves in just one minute and three seconds.

Several reports reveal that Shahrukh Khan is playing double role in the film. One role is of his own (the superstar) while the other is of his fan (Gaurav). Most of the shoot of the film is done in Delhi itself. It is slated to release in April 2016. It also stars the model Waluscha De Sousa.

SRK took it on Twitter to share the FAN teaser.

shahrukh khan fan teaser

A still from FAN teaser

The teaser reveals some shots of the film. In one such scene, on one hand, the real SRK is seen enacting his famous arm pose while on the other hand, his fan (Gaurav) imitates and impersonates him in a performance made before his hometown crowd.

Earlier reports have made it clear that this movie of Shahrukh Khan will not have any song and dance performance. Well, this is a rare case and not a normal SRK type film. This Maneesh Sharma’s directed tale appears to be a content-driven film full of emotions, and skipping the song-and-dance part.

FAN teaser

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