Tevar Movie Review & Star Ratings; First Hit of 2015

By | Jan 10, 2015

Here we have Tevar movie Review & Star Ratings : Well the movie is the first hit released for the year 2015 and is expected to great as it is an action thriller romantic movie. To pacify our readers’ interest, we have got something for you.

Tevar (2015) movie

Characters in the movie

  • Arjun Kapoor as Pintoo
  • Sonakshi Sinha as Radhika
  • Manoj Bajpai as Vijender Singh
  • Shruti Haasan
  • Kader Khan as Police Officer

The review of the movie includes special comments by the Viewers and bad comments by the criticizers.

What is the Tevar (2015) Storyline?

The actor Arjun Kapoor playing the role of Pintoo is a young Kabaddi player. He goes to Kunoor where he has to play a match which may change his life and can even make his career good in the sports. It would even decide his sports future.

But there is a girl Radhika who gets a propsal by the villian of the city – Vijender Singh. This man falls in love with her. He comes to propose her for their marriage. But Radhika does not like him at all. She don’t want to marry this gangster.

Tevar First Day Collection 1st Day / Opening Box Office Report

Tevar (2015) review


As Pintoo comes to know that Radhika is not happy to get herself married with Vijender, Pintoo saves Radhika from Vijender by making her escape with him and save her from all the attacks that Vijender tries to do on them. Now, as Radhika’s brothers are killed by Vijender in the thrust of marrying her, it is Pintoo who saves her and brings her wih him.

Pintoo takes Radhika to his house in Hyderabad. Now, as he knew that Vijender may harm her there also, he thinks of sending Radhika abroad so that vijender would never reach her and harm her in any way. But htere is a twit in between.

There is a home minister who is corrupt. Pintoo’s father is a Cop. Now, it is Pintoo’s father who gets the charge of finding Radhika and these orders are given by the home minister himself. While in all this, Radhika falls in love with Pintoo.

The home minister is helping Vijender to get Radhika. To save Radhika, Pintoo puts her in Charminaar and then the story continues. Will they be able to unite? Will Pintoo make his career in Kabaddi? This is the movie all about.


The duration of the film is of 159 minutes. That counts to a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes that are spent in the theater of the movie.


Music is doing good. Especially the songs like Joganiya and Superman is doing great. The dance numbers like Bad Miyaan by Shruti Haasan is sizzling it. With Radha Nachegi by Sonakshi. The music is by Eros Music.


The shooting locations are Agra and Rajasthan. The movie is being shot in India only.


The director and production unit has spent almost 30-40 percent of the total money on promotions. Both Arjun and Sonakshi has done very good in their part to promote the movie. Also, they went to different shows to promote the moie. They went to ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ also and the episode was forecast on 4th January 2015. It may have effected the audience as it is the first movie that was predicted to be a hit in this year. The movie which was released on 9th January was expected to do a good job on the Box Office.

Tevar movie review

Criticizers Says:

The movie is kind of predictable and we know where the movie is going on. The actors are doing justice to their jobs. Arjun is not sooting the role whereas it is a repeated role for Sonakshi. Tevar is overdone and is of zero charm. The movie was strange and different too.

Meena Iyer said that it’s an old wine delievered after a long time again on a much bigger screen. She also suggested that the movie could have reduced by 20 minutes, which should have resulted in better response. Rest, it’s the good movie made by Amit Kumar with his very good imaginative and directorial skills.

Taran Adarsh tweeted that it is a very good masala-entertainer film. one should watch out for this Amit Kumar’s venture. He also said that all the actors have performed very well.

Well go for it. But Stay away too!! Shh…

Tevar star ratings

Arjun Kapoor received 4.5 / 5 stars because of his acting abilities. He portrayed his reel character very well.

Sonakshi Sinha receives 4 stars out of 5 as she acted calmly and played her character in composition according to the script demand. Though, it had some spicy too but she should have done a little bit more act.

Manoj Bajpayee gets 5 /5 stars. He is the actor who nails every character in every film. He has a very superb talent and done a commendable job.

Music by Sajid-Wajid and Imraan Khan gets 4.5 Stars of 5. The music is too good. Songs are beautifully composed. Tracks like Superman and Let’s Celebrate have become the latest choice.  They are on the top of one’s song list. Background music is also very good.

So, what are you thinking? Are you going to watch it? Have you already watched the same? What’s your Tevar review and star ratings? Share your views and thoughts with us. Don’t forget to share this with your online friends over social netowrking sites.

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