Twitter: A New Feature “Retweet With Comment” Launched Officially

By | Apr 8, 2015

Micro blogging website, Twitter has officially announced as well as launched a new feature named “Retweet With Comment“. It will help users to add their comment while retweeting anybody’s tweet. As a result, the tweet which users are to retweet will get embedded in their comments.

While doing retweet, the users will get 116 characters to write down their comments. This feature is now officially available on Twitter’s website as well as for iPhone app. Android users will get this feature soon.

Twitter Retweet With Comment

How can this new feature be used? You can do it with the help of retweet button and then selecting the “quote tweet” option from the menu. It will make the tweet as a card which will show the tweet in a small version in the stream. It will only use 24 characters, rest 116 characters will be used for commenting purposes.


Twitter Retweet With Comment feature

This feature was in the test phase nearly a year. Its testing was started last year only. Twitter is expecting that it will be loved by all users.

So, you might be wondering how this will be more helpful. Now onwards, people will be able to share as well as comment on tweets without shortening them. It all means that the whole tweet will be embedded and its meaning will be preserved too.

Twitter retweet with comment (1)

Twitter retweet with comment feature

It is appreciated by many people as now, they have to just click a button to do the previous work. Earlier, cutting and pasting the tweet’s url was required.

Now, a quote tweet can be deleted by clicking on the more icon and then selecting delete tweet.

The number of Twitter users is getting more and more with the time. People prefer to use it as the platform of their public relations. With the limit of only 140 characters, people used to find ways to do their desired task. They used to take a screenshot of quotes to post.

Getting over the 140 characters limit resulted in formation of many hack tools like Twitterstorms, app OneShot, Twitlonger, JumboTweet etc.

But this new “Retweet with Comment” feature of Twitter, they have got official permission to do the same. But it has one limitation, it is that it will only show one layer of tweets at a time. This is the only disconcertment.

Unfortunately, users of Twitter are out of luck as they haven’t got the right official thing to embed the whole tweet yet.

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