US Under Secretary of Commerce to Discuss Trade Ties With India

By | Aug 11, 2015

Mr. Stefan M. Selig will have an integral role in a meeting involving the bonds of US-India and future relationship. He currently serves as the United States Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade.

A report released by the US Embassy revealed that the meeting would be inaugurated by the speech of Mr. Selig. In its further proceedings, the President and CEO of GE South Asia, Mr. Banmali Agrawala and the MD of IBM, Ms. Vanitha Narayanam will participate in it with the talks on US-India trade relations.

In the end, Mr. Agrawala would conclude the meeting and present the thank you note to all the eminent personalities who would participate in the same.

There will be a round of media interaction after the vote of thanks.
The Embassy report revealed that the US-India trade relations’ event is scheduled to take place from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at Kamal Mahal, ITC Maurya Road, New Delhi.

The US Senate appointed Mr. Selig as the United States Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade on 4th June 2014.

Mr. Selig leads the international trade administration, which assists in the development of U.S. trade policy in the global economy; helps in creating more jobs and economic growth by promoting United States companies; strengthens American competitiveness across all industries; addresses market access and compliance issues; administrates the U.S. Laws; and undertakes a range of trade promotion and trade advocacy efforts.

Adding to all this, in his current capacity, Under Secretary, Mr. Selig serves as the Executive Director of the Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, also sits on the board of directors of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), is a commissioner for the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, and moreover, he is a lifetime member of the Council of Foreign Relations. [source:]

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