Whatsapp Plus Users Temporarily Banned by WhatsApp Officially for 24 hours

By | Jan 21, 2015

Today’s world is so more smarty using smartphones around. The cross platform used in the latest and mostly used open source operating system┬ácalled as Android. Normally, the games that are for free can be downloaded in an Android mobile phone only. So, the applications needed and games that actually needed by the user are downloaded from the Google Play Store.

But, there was another with the same name which was usually downloaded by some website after allowing the downloads from the unknown sources. It was said to be a modification from the very famous cross platform used in the whole world known as ‘Whatsapp’. The icon for the whatsapp plus was in blue color instead of what normal whatsapp had adopted which is of green color.

It was said that there was some problem that was faced by the users of whatsapp plus which blocked the to use whatsapp further for some twenty four hour. The users were blocked for using the application as the users had gone against the conditions and violated the rules of the application.

This was the time when the developers of Whatsapp application told the people that the creators or makers of Whatsapp plus is no related to them actually. It was a third party application and they had no relation with the whatsapp creators. It was also said that it was a third party application. Also, they had cleared that the information of the user may or may not be safe s it is a third party application.

The so called modified version known as Whatsapp Plus offered additional benefits of changing the colors of chat headers, offered more additional themes in it and many more additional features. Also, it said that it occupied much less space in the memory.

Irrespective of the fact seen that it always had to get updated on the second day itself. This news has brought a sudden information that was importantly needed to know by the people who use the chatting applications.

So, a kind of awareness is being created in this way. The people who used whatsapp plus now comes to know that their information like the messages, their numbers and the photos they send to each other or use as the display picture.

So, those who were using it now know the consequences and hence may and should uninstall it anyways. Knowing the fact that they can not actually live without a chat application, they should install the original whatsapp application from the Google Play Store.

How to know what you are using?

1. Just go to the setting of your mobile phone.

2. Now go to applications that are installed in your mobile phones.

3. Check that the Whatsapp icon is of green color or blue color.

4. If it is of green color, then it is the original whatsapp.

If it is found to be of blue color, then uninstall it and download the original one.

Follow the steps below to download the original whatsapp in your mobile phone.

Steps to download Whatsapp (Original)

1. Open the Google play store in your mobile phone.

2. Search for application.

3. Type ‘whatsapp’ there.

4. Now click on the green icon and you will get the information about the application.

5. Now click on ‘Install’ and then ‘Accept’.

6. Get the application installed on your phone and complete the setup to use the application safe and sound.

So, beware of false things. Stay alert and Stay safe.

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