WhatSIM will provide Whatsapp Access from Across the world?

By | Jan 23, 2015

The cross platform used called ‘Whatsapp’ in the latest and mostly used open source operating system called as Android. Normally, the games that are for free can be downloaded in an Android mobile phone only. So, the applications needed and games that actually needed by the user are downloaded from the Google Play Store.

So, as the application is free of cost and its features have made people so crazy that every second person is having this application installed in their phones. If a person is using smartphone then it is a must that he must be using the chatting application too.

A free application with these many features is the best idea to save money and time. And so, the popularity of Whatsapp have kept the news that is related to the name of the application in some or the other way. This time the application called ‘Whatsapp’ is going global.

WhatSIM will provide WhatsApp Access from Across the world

Global means all over the world which it already was. And also, across the world. The simple idea behind this logic is the fact that no matter wherever yo are sitting, which ever network you use, just put the Sim in your phone and connect with the world and it will automatically catch the nearest operating network. So, it is easy for us to connect to the whole world in any place that you or I may be sitting.

So, the Sim we are talking about, who is a major part of this independence and providing us this special feature is made by an Italian Company. This Sim when put in to the mobile phone will allow to use the application without a WiFi connection or a data connection. It will enable us using the application even in roaming.

WhatSIM will provide Whatsapp Access from Across the world?

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The feature has facilitated that this Sim will work on 400 operators of network across a total of 150 countries which is a very big number. So, Whatsapp is going worldwide now because it is so famous and adapted by many people across the world. Well, this is done by the same person who actually made the smart watch. His name is Manuel Zanella.

He is an entrepreneur who has founded the Italian telecom. WhatSIM will be a service on the Italian virtual network operator called ‘Zeromobile’. The cost is approximated for a total of Eleven point six dollars for a year.

This may gear up the operators too. As we know that these types of messaging applications had effected people and they have stopped using normal text messages as they can now directly message online and save their money.

A big business loss is observed across the world. it was almost halved in the country like Germany. So, it is said that people are using Whatsapp with a craze and this had actually harmed the network operators.

So, to get rid of this condition, the new Sim is being discovered which will be the one that uses the strong network that will be available out of all. Well, the thing is, if you want to send images and videos to your friends and dear ones, then the charges will be extra which are not revealed right now.

The company has also said that it may sell the Sim in some five Euros in some country too which is not revealed yet. So, we are waiting for this new technology to hit the market. Well, its performance can only be decided after it gets launched and we get people’s review.

If you surf the homepage of the company, you will come to now that this Sim will be available in the end of February. Also, one more example of this kind is the E-Plus application that is limited to Germany only.

All the best WhatSIM. What do you think? Will WhatSIM will provide Whatsapp Access from Across the world be successful?

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