Who blew up the Pakistan Boat on 31st December 2014?: India under pressure to give explanation

By | Feb 19, 2015

Remember the night of 31st December? The boat that was tracked in the Indian maritime in the new day of the year 2015. The news did highlight the paramilitary force which was not even known by many people of the country. Who blew up the Pakistan Boat on 31st December 2014?

The Indian Express has nailed one video on this basis where a DIG of the Indian Coast Guard have commented on the event and his comment have created a chaos in the media. The video clearly shows that he had said that it was not the Pakistani boat who blew off themselves but it was them who just blew them off.

DIG BK Loshali said “I hope you remember 31st December. We blew off the Pakistan.. We have blown them off. I was at Gandhinagar and I told at night we don’t want to serve them biryani.” He had said this after all the formal speech that included “I was given a speech but I want to speak my mind. Thanking the Coast Guard officials and other dignitaries present there he said, it is indeed a pleasure to be here, in front of you. This is my second visit to Surat and I feel privileged to be here in this auspicious occasion of launching this boat. ” Well, wow a twist to the story. It is not clear who did blow up the boat.

Who blew up the Pakistan Boat on 31st December 2014?

Some hours ago, the Indian Coast Guard have uploaded a document which is signed by the DIG himself saying that he did not mean to say those words and they are misinterpreted by the media. Also, he had accepted by signing the document that witnessed that he does not subscribe to the report. He have not made that statement. The operation was not being handled by him. He was not involved in it completely. He repeated that the boat set herself on fire and was not sunk by coast guard.

But this transition is hard to believe and all his claims are seen to be made under pressure. The people and the audience both are not actually getting the point of this whole scene created by the DIG. Because the video is actually contradicting the things he had signed on the paper. Though Coast Guard have always been a good force who have been protecting the marine of the country from a very long time. These are the people who have served the country for almost all of their lives. There has nothing that has come about Coast Guard in a negative way but when it was appreciated for one of its great job a few days ago, then this is something we have heard about the same case. The government is somehow embarrassed to see the whole situation

BK Loshali, Chief of Staff (North West Region) had said that all his things were misinterpreted by the media and had cleared the issue in the press conference. On the other hand, the political parties are actually taking some advantage of the issue. Congress had said that the government is required to clear the issue soon without threatening the officer. The party at the center has said that it was unaware of it as it is the other hand of the government. We don’t know what has happened to the country? The government with confused people in it with politicians like this who just want to oppose the party in the central government no matter what it meant for the nation itself.

Well, this issue has been confusing people and will not be so easy to resolve and forgotten quickly. The video, the notice and the press conference are all contradicting with each other. It will be interesting to see what will happen next?

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