Yahan Sabki Lagi Hai Official Teaser Trailer ft. Varun Thakur, Eden Shyodi, Heerok Das, Yaishika Varma

By | Feb 19, 2015

Yahan Sabki Lagi Hai Official Teaser Trailer: The one minute tailor was successful in confusing people. The movie trailor was successful in showing that Yes Boss, Sach Main Sabki Lagi Hai. It has shown a set of money, drug and sex in the movie. The movie is directed by Satavisha Bose & Cyrus Khambata.

The film is made under the Inderjeet Banners Limited Productions. The star cast in the film includes Varun Thakur, Eden Shyodhi and Heerok Das. The movie seems to be a low budget movie. The characters of the movie are- Kesang, a girl among the four boys who are Bharat, Chandu, Mama, F**k as given in the film tailor and even in the video.

The film is ought to be released on February 27, 2015. It is a story that illustrates complex ideas and concepts on the journey of life. It is specially representing and pointing to a part when one feels a victim of the concept among the set in the million of Indian-English speaking Urban Youth.


Yahan Sabki Lagi Hai Official Teaser Trailor ft. Varun Thakur, Eden Shyodi, Heerok Das, Yaishika Varma

The movie is to show the facts and ideas that we are too much damn used to live in a class system. This system is built on economic and social disparities. It has shown us the way we want to be fooled by our belief systems. It is something about how blindly we support them and the way we validate our tastes and being very protective of them.

The movie is actually questioning our value system and that includes both our material value system but also our emotional value system. The movie seem to be light at heart, and is a comedy at heart, but it also has a somewhat confused and contains some moroseness which is actually making a border on the philosophical values and thoughts of ours, provoking the thoughts about our times and condition and the way we want to live.

It really seemed to be an untold journey. A girl and some of her friends traveling in the car and then they face a series of things that are happening to them one by one. The tailor has confused us a lot like we do not know what it wanted to show. Was it showing something superstitious or the director has made this movie in the horror genre? What was it all about ending the trailer with the girl left behind alone on the beach scribbling something on the sand. Just share your views and comments on the tailor and also that if you liked it or not.

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