Ye hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2015 Full Episode 373: As It Happened

By | Feb 22, 2015

The twists brought in the serial Yeh hai Mohabbatein which is telecast on the national TV channel Star Plus which is telecast at 10.30 pm from Monday to Friday are tremendous. You will get here Ye Hai Mohabbatein 20th Feb 2015 Full Episode updates. The serial is regularly seen by the people who like it. It is one among the top serials even right now.

Also, the serial had actually made it a lot curious after Ashok had left Shagun and Aadi in the middle of getting married to Mihika. Whereas, Mihir is frustrated as Shagun is seen destroying Raman and Ishita’s personal life too by taking Aaditya’s support.

Ye hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2015 Full Episode 373

Keeping in mind that Shagun will keep on playing the tactics to get him and Ishita away from each other and will make them fight only, he decides to keep Aadi and Shagun away from them. So, they are kept in Amma’s house. Also, the Romy twist which has been brought to the serial a few days ago is getting the TRP high.

Shagun steals some money from home and tells Romy to take this on his own head by blackmailing him about the doctor’s report of him being impotent. Romy gets a lot of criticism from the family and he thus gets blackmailed as he never wanted anyone to know about his being impotent.


Ye hai Mohabbatein 20th February 2015 Full Episode 373

But while Romy was getting slapped from Raman, he looks towards Shagun which is noticed by Ishita. So, she is having doubts on this and she is trying to get the mystery solved as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, when Romy’s mother is not well and is in full tension, then Pummy, her neighbor friend offers her that some family friends have come from America and they have offered a marriage proposal for Raman’s sister.

But when these people are about to arrive, Raman notices something disturbing. He had been thrown out of his job and on the other hand it is almost decided that marriage will happen soon. But Ishita and Raman have new worries now. How will they manage without Raman’s salary that too when it is about marriage? Where will they finance the marriage from? But Ishita is actually a good wife and hence have decided to work for double time and hence have decided to contribute and take the finance on her head.

She will not leave Raman alone in this. She will help her husband in all the possible ways. Yet another time, the Romy’s secret is yet to come. It will be interesting to see how that comes and how the director makes it interesting to watch and keen for the audience to see it.

Will Shagun will keep on playing games against Isihita and use Aadi against her? Lets us see what the director brings in. What will happen to Ashok? What about Mihir? Mihika will be going to Mihir or stay with Ashok? What will happen to the job that Raman had? How will Ishita take it all?

So, the readers can get the full episode on SHAupdates if someone has missed the episode or just want to know the brief summary about the episode can go through the short detail of the episode of Ye Hain Mohabbatein.

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