Uday’s YRF Entertainment To Produce TV Series On ‘The Nye Incidents’

By | Aug 3, 2015

YRF Entertainment, a part of the Indian giant Yash Raj Films (YRF) has announced that it is going to produce a mini-series based on a comic book titled ‘The Nye Incidents‘ released in 2008. The production house will turn that comic into a drama of episodes. This announcement of making the TV debut was made on Monday.

As per the official statement, the current Chief Executive Officer of the same, Uday Chopra is all set to make a TV series in concordance with Jonathan Reiman, who serves as the Production President.

The comic book took its shape due to the efforts of the creator, Whitley Strieber, and writer Craig Spector.Watch movie online Logan (2017)

The Nye Incidents’ plot revolves around a balanced-cum-obsessive medical examiner who wants to hunt down the deceptive serial killer by investigating it. It is set in the world of alien abductions.

Earlier, YRF successfully created 5 shows in the year 2009 and co-produced Hollywood film ‘Grace of Monaco‘. YRF Entertainment is a production and financing house based in Los Angeles. It has its primary focus to develop and produce films for USA and other international markets.

Uday Chopra last appeared in ‘Dhoom 3‘ released in 2014.

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