Zayn Malik Leaves ‘One Direction’ Reason – Band Continues As 4!

By | Mar 26, 2015

Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction Reason – Band Continues As 4!: After having many issues, the famous personality #ZaynMalik has quit ‘#OneDirection’ and continues alone. This statement has been confirmed by the band runners.

Malik told that (in a subtle manner): This band has given me more than anything else, and I never thought it would be this long journey together. And finally after being together 5 years, I decided to quit and move forward.

He has been one of the major part of this group, and he apologized to his fans and said :-

“If I broke anyone’e heart or if I’ve made anyone feel down, then I apologize. I did what feels right.”

Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction

The journey for One Direction does not cease here, they have decided keep on with their 4 band squad. They will be released 5 album together at the end of this year.

The band had a world tour last week in which Zayn did not appear, as he moved away and took all the stress away.

Zayn recently moved to United Kingdom alone when he realized to being forced to also stop his relationship with Perrie Edwards.

A photo shows another woman taking place of her on her waist. Check below.

One Direction

Everyone was eager to know, how does One Direction feel about this, they said :-

We are very upset to see Zayn signing off the band, he has been a great partner, friend and amazing person in our life. We wish fish good luck in future.

We have been through 5 years, I did not realize it, we have had so much fun together taking world tours. Our friendship does not end here, we will always be a company of him.

Their words express the feeling of letting a part dies from our body. But it still has to survive.

We are now 4 man army. We are about to release our next album this year. We are waiting to see our fans on the world tour.

Zyan Malik Leaves 'One Direction' Reason - Band Continues As 4!

Zayn Malik left One Direction

The person Simon Cowell who took the talent from show X Factor to a big popular band said, : One Direction could not have been possible without you. I thank you so much for everything you did for band.

“We have shared good times with each other, I became very fond of him, and proud on him for being a really good friend. My heart is full of tears to see him leaving.

“For fans, I will say that the brand members Niall, Liam, harry and Louis will walk the line together with OneDirection.

Those names including Zayn Malik signed Simon’s record label in 2010 after they completed the show X Factor. He gave then ‘OneDirection’.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction. This is definitely a sad news for ‘One Direction’ and Zayn Malik’s fans, but he has to make a decision for his own career. By the way, you have got the latest news, then share it with your friends via Social Media as this is a huge topic now.

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