Pawan Kalyan To Contest In GHMC Elections?

By | March 8, 2015

Pawan Kalyan to contest GHMC Elections: The renowned celebrity in Tollywood who usually handles his position as a director, acting, stunt coordinator, writer and producer.

In the end of year 2014, he stepped into politics to make the India a better place, he conducted many rallies and events and talked about the current issues that the people of South India (preferably the place where he lives, I do not know that) are facing.

He promised to bring a change to the way people are living these days. He admitted to have more than 1/4 part of the population are uneducated in his given land.

Pawan Kalyan to contest GHMC Elections

Now, as this hard strong celebrity has stepped into politics, he has more opportunities to set his leg more precisely in this business. There are rumors around the Internet that he will participate in GHMC polls.

Well, do you have the same question in your mind that made you click on this article! I hope so ☻. In this article, I am going to provide you a clear cut information about this rumor, it is true that Pawan will compete to other politicians in GHMC Elections? Let’s dig into this topic more, and find out what exactly is his plans for upcoming days?

Why not hear it in the voice of Pawan Kalyan itself?, it will give us a more vivid vision of his upcoming poll matters. “We people are looking forward for Jana Sena Party, as it is yet to be built around, we have more time to explore our current standings in polls right now.

Pawan Kalyan to contest GHMC Elections

Pawan Kalyan to contest GHMC Elections

In the forthcoming elections, I have decided, not finalized, but I would be interested in facing all other politics parties and definitely support our lovers and supporters.” Pawan said to a media reporter at his poll confession. Still this statement is not giving us people a clear picture of his mindset about upcoming polls.

The elections dates are not too far, he would have to decide fast whether to form a party or lead as alone! You might are very well introduced to the benefits of building a separate party for future consequences.

In my opinion, as far as I know from my experience in this industry, he will definitely form a party with all his supportive counsel members working under him. He will then have a more definite control over his power and decision making skills.

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